Branching Out, Slowly…


I have not been doing great in the reading department this month. The reasons for this has mostly to do with how busy our work schedules have been since the zoo opened again around mid May. Milou and I are basically working as much as we possibly can to try and save some money for if we get that feared second Corona wave. People are still idiots and not thinking about the social distance rule of keeping distance from one another. It is tiring, disheartening and makes one wonder what you are doing it for, but I have had to make the mental adjustment to just get on with it and do my best. Some people have run into me nearly explicitly telling them to keep their fucken distance and think for themselves. Luckily I have re learned that I am actually a really patient person and I will make the best of it as much as I can. My work schedule basically changes by the day so I have thought of taking a small break from trying to push too hard to get a book done for review. We have about four weeks left till holiday season is over and that things will quiet down a bit for a while.

I did not start this post to bitch and moan or to make you feel sorry for me. I wanted to share some good news for a change. Good news and positive vibes is what the worlds needs in it’s current state. So here is me making an attempt today. That and the fact that I got a book or two added to my collection a few days ago… I’ll just get right too it shall I?

Thanquol and Boneripper is a series that spun off of the Gotrek and Felix series. Thanquol is a Skaven, a rat man, he was a villain in one ofΒ  William King’s original GaF series. I believe C L Werner had such a good time reading it that he played around with the idea of giving the Rat man and his sidekick a series of their own. I find that particularly interesting. The book that I got is an omnibus that binds up all three original books as well as two short stories. For the price I paid I am happy with the content that I am getting. Three full novels and two shorts. A total of 745 pages of possible pure reading joy. I am exited to get to this, but it will take some time as I plan on re-reading the Gotrek and Felix books first. The other part that makes me exited for this is the fact that I now own another C L Werner series set in Old World Warhammer. As many or a few of you may know, I have been having trouble getting into the Age of Sigmar stuff of WH. I guess I am still not oke with them killing off Old World, but I will get there eventually…

Second book I got is what I should’ve treated myself with many years ago, but never could…
Getting started
Yes folks, I have finally stepped into the world of possibly starting my own Miniatures collection. Not only do you get a short introduction into what 40K is, not that I need any introduction, but you also get a small mini for free. With a step by step guide into how to assemble and paint, different techniques, it also gives an in depth crash coarse in how a table top match plays out. I believe this is a great way or book to get if you were ever interested in the Games Workshop hobby side of things. The mini is not painted like in this picture. It is packaged like this:

Getting started 2
I still have to take it apart, paint and assemble mine. Paints will come at a later time, I think I am going to go through the book a few times first. The people I follow here on WP that showcase their handy work have inspired me to also see what I can accomplish. It has taken me years to come as far as I have regarding picking up my first mini. I hope you will enjoy my trails and errors in getting my first Spess MAhreeen painted and showing it off here on WP…

Another book I got that I will not be showcasing here on WP is the Theory of the Dutch Learners License hand book. Because I am planning to stay in The Netherlands permanently, I have decided to invest in getting my Dutch Driver’s license. That and the fact that Milou and I are in the process of paying of our first CAR! Yes folks, you read it right, Milou and I are now the owners of our very first automobile. Her dad wanted to sell it and we were asked if we would be interested in it. For Milou and me this could not have come at a better time if you know what Milou’s work schedule looks like. Having to cycle early in the morning to then do a 12 hour shift to cycle back in the evening for six days a week for the next six weeks might have given her legs to die for, but I am already willing to die for the beautiful person she already is… The plan was to get it or start learning the theory after we got back from our trip to S.A in February, but then 2020 and Corona started and I all concentration just flew out the window… Due to the fact that I want to spend time getting through the theory exam my blog might become quiet for a time. I am sorry for that, but you know, priorities…

# Clever people drive Smar cars…

I hope all of you are doing oke. I know I have been absent much and that my likes on all your recent posts are still missing. I just need some time… Bare with me…

Good Day.

25 thoughts on “Branching Out, Slowly…

  1. Awwww, it’s a teeny car! Mrs B LOVES those things. I hope it treats you well.

    I enjoyed the Thanquol and Boneripper trilogy when I read it. While I hadn’t read a lot of Old World, it was probably the most enjoyable.

    And good luck on getting your license. And we’ll be glad to bear with you as you have the correct priorities πŸ˜€

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    1. Thanks Man! Yeah I try. litterally just booked the exam as extra motivation to get my ass into proverbial gear… October it will be decided…

      I have to say that your review for Thanquol also helped in making the decision for investing in this series, that and the fact that the book was fairly cheap for the amount of reading I will be getting out of it.

      Mrs B surly has good taste… The car itself we know has been looked after and by mid august Milou and I will have given the last down payment to her dad. I am doing oke for now.

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  2. Show us the miniature when it is ready πŸ™‚ It’s not that easy, I have a friend who is good at it, but I gave up after a few tries, back in the 90-ties. It was mostly Warzone, stylistically similar to WH40K.

    Good luck with the license! Can you drive, and just need to get the Dutch document? Or are you learning from the start? I kind of hate driving, I do it when I have to, but I’m generally happy moving around my city in trams…

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    1. Ive been driving since i was 18, but my South African license falls out of the EU policies so have to do it all over…

      Will show of the mini one day when i get to painting it

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  3. Oh wow, good luck with the licence! And nice car! πŸ˜€
    Painting minifigures is a challenge, but a rewarding one – I hope you’ll enjoy it a lot!

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  4. I hope the license process goes well! Driving can be a lot of fun. πŸ™‚ Best of luck with the work schedule. And enjoy painting the mini! I used to paint minis when I was younger and playing D&D frequently, but have gotten out of the habit. (I don’t think I have my paints anymore, either. I still have the painted minis, though.)

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  5. I hope your first mini really get you into the non-reading part of the hobby. Best of luck with him!
    Also, dinky car is awesome, best of luck with that too.


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