July 2020 – Recap

Wow, I made it through July in one piece…

I do not believe this is going to be a long post seeing as my blog took a bit of a back burner last month due to work and an ever changing work schedule. Season is in high gear and that means I only really have time to sleep when I get home it has been a hard month for me both mentally and physically, but I am gonna be oke I think.

Book Reviews:

Due to time being limited and my concentration being beyond broken I only got three reviews out last month. It started great with Sullivan and then I had a bit of miss with the comics I requested from NG.

rise of empre Rise of Empire – Micheal J. Sullivan

I thoroughly enjoyed this as much as the first book. I have taken a liking to my idea of  Homes and Watson with swords on an adventure of self discovery in the fantasy setting. I finished the third and last book a few days ago and still need to type up a review for it, be on the lookout for that…

Moon Lake #DNF# Moon Lake – Dan Fogler, Various

Lots of promise, weak excuse at comedy and pervertedness. Skip this at all costs. Salty Mc Dave was not around to review this one sadly…

cagasterCagaster Vol.1 – Kachou Hasimoto

When I saw this was on Netflix, I thought I would check it out before trying the series. I am intrigued but at the same time hesitant to start as the monster slaying was not given enough page time and I had a mild dislike to angsty boy with the sword being a bit of a duche…

Metal Monday:

Again with time being limited I only got two songs up.

Katatonia – July
Maybeshewill – Not For Want of Trying


I shared an old poem dating 8 years ago. A poem I am really proud of calling my own. Ode to Hope

Life Related posts:

I did a small post celebrating 8 Years of knowing and being loved by Milou. I also shared some insight into other events that might take even more time away from my blogging. We also celebrated the fact that we now own our first car as well as my first Warhammer miniature and 2 new books that got added to my collection in my Branching Out, Slowly post.

That pretty much was my July in blogging. I would like to also take some time to say thank you to each and every one that liked and commented on whatever I posted. It really does wonders to a person going through a little bit of a shitty time so please know that I appreciate it a lot.

See you in August! (I hope)


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