August 2020 Reading Plans

We are now well over the halfway mark of 2020, it has been a tough year, but I am close to my goal of reading 30 books this year. I believe the fact that I am close to reaching my target in books has also contributed to my lack of reading lust in the last two months. That and the fact that I was just too tired to read when I had a free day. In August I still have quite a busy schedule, but I am not going to be working as many days in a row as the way it was in July, so I am hopeful that I might actually get some pages turned. There is still the fact that I need to make a start in learning my driver’s license theory for the upcoming exam in October, but I am planning on setting up a learning schedule for myself in a day. Very adulty of me…

For August I am going to continue what I have been reading as well as the books of the previous two months I did not get too. They will look like this:

I am just over halfway into book 2 of Steve Parker’s Deathwatch novels. I am sad to say that I have been really struggling to get through this one. The first Deathwatch was amazing where this one has me scratching my head in wonder of what exactly S.P was trying to do when writing this. Gone are the story revolving around Talon squad to focus more on the infighting with the Inquisition? My first Warhammer novel that features the Tau Empire and I can not help but feel that it is a bit messed up. If fortune favors my concentration levels I am hoping to finish this this week. Thumbs crossed…

the dispatcher
After finishing Heir of Novron on Audible I asked Milou to recommend me another book. I will be listening to this through my daily commute to and from work when I cycle.

Soon as I am done with Shadowbreaker I will be making contact with Jenn to see if we can do another Horus Heresy read together, it has been too long since I read a book in this huge series. I hope it all goes well.

Apart from these three books, I do not plan on any more books, I am not saying I am going to stop reading, but I do not want to put more pressure on my subconscious by going overboard with reading expectations.

I hope August will treat us all well. Have a great day.


15 thoughts on “August 2020 Reading Plans

  1. Battle for the Abyss was a really good one. I absolutely loved it, and still regard it as one of the better books in the series😊 (The featured characters are definitely a plus in this book😊).
    Good luck with the drivers theory! You can do it!

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