September 2020 Reading Plans

Before I start my small post of showing what books I will be looking at this month, I thought I could brag a bit about the fact that I have reached my yearly reading goal for 2020. For the past few years I set out to read at least 30 books a year, a easy goal I am sure for everyone else out there, but 30 is just about the right feel for me, seeing as I never know what challenges the year will hold. 30 Books for me is quite a lot. The fact that I have started listening to audio books have also played a big part in me reaching that goal. June and August was hell on my concentration but I managed to read a few books in those months too. Big books I might add…

Seeing as I am am already 2 books over my reading goal, I might be taking September at a bit of a laid back pace.

Currently reading:

I am continuing the Horus Heresy series with Jenn over at Eternal Bookcase. This month we kinda got stuck on Battle for the Abyss, she went on holiday and left the book home and I was struggling through two flu attacks, added to that the book is a bit on the boring side for me personally… If my calculations are correct, by the time this post goes up I should have finished it by now…

After Abyss is done and Jenn finds it appropriate to jump straight into the next HH we will be taking on the Mechanicum. I have a special copy of this and can not wait to share the great artwork contained therein.

Ann of GG
Taking some time away from the “All is Grimdark and whatnot” I will be taking a look at another Manga Classics adaptation. So far all these Manga’s have motivated me to pick up the originals some day, when though, I can not say…

Seeing as I had a major hit with Scalzi earlier last month I am going to attempt another by him. This will be keeping me company during my morning cleaning routine at the zoo.

Should there be time left, I would like to start on one of the 21 titles still up for review on Net Galley. Since I found out that the books do not disappear on the date set for it’s archiving, I have become a bit lax in my reading duties towards them… That needs to stop some time… Imagine I spend the whole of 2021 just reading the books on my NG list, might become a bit dull I figure…

There we have my rough plans for September. Have any of you ever read or heard any of these titles?

20 thoughts on “September 2020 Reading Plans

  1. Congrats on reaching your goal! I always like to set a low bar goal just to have something to “brag” about at the years end. Plus that way if I don’t make my “real” mental goal, I can always tell myself I actually did make my goal 😀 Aren’t the games we play in our minds complicated?

    So here’s to a lowkey rest of the year for reading! *clinks mugs*

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    1. Surely we our our own worst enemies within our minds… Are we having herbal tea in those mugs? Kinda feels like thats the only fluid that my body can take at the moment… Second test came back negative just now, no corona, just very bad flu…

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  2. Well…you say it’s an easy goal…thirty books…I haven’t reached it yet😂😂 This year probably has the least amount of books I have ever read to be honest, so really hope to catch up a bit these final few months of this year.
    Surprised at Battle for the Abyss. Too bad you didn’t like/enjoy that one. I really enjoyed it a lot, especially because of the unique characters that were in it😊 But hey, can’t win them all. Pretty sure you will love Mechanicum. That’s a book I had litte to no expectations for and I really enjoyed it enormously😀 Hope September is going to be a good month for you! Looking forward to your reviews/posts! 😀😀

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    1. Thanks man. I read your review on goodreads this morning. Also sent you a friend request there… And what you state on there regarding the two other heroes is a part of what made the book bareable for me. Im gonna give abyss another few days to play of in my mind before i put a review up. I guess my enjoyment was a bit off no thanks to me being so ill…

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      1. I just went to Goodreads and accepted your request!😊 Have been working all day, so now just checking WordPress and then all the other things😊
        Yeah, that’s one of the things that I really liked (and also found it quite ironic to be honest😂). But well…as I said in the review I’m definitely in the minority with that one, as it’s widely regarded as one of the lesser books in the saga😊
        I hope you are feeling better now?

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      2. Still struggling, but test of yesterday came back negative so i am happy. I was hoping i would like Abyss as much as you did but sadly it didnt hold up to my expectations. I will not be too hard on it do not worry though…

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      3. Well…I’m very glad to hear that the test came out negative. With these scary times, that’s definitely a big relief. I hope that your health will improve soon 😊
        No worries man: be honest. It’s not that I wrote this book haha😂 We can’t all like the same things, and that’s a good thing: life would become pretty boring otherwise😊

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  3. Sorry to hear you’re not so well but glad it’s not the corona at least. Get well soon mate. Oh and well done on getting 30 books read, sounds like an achievable goal and enough to encourage yourself without overloading your time. Some good books on your list there (apart from Battle for the Abyss – it really is dull isn’t it? I tend to advice HH readers to skip it, it doesn’t add anything to the narrative of the series overall and its badly written junk to boot). At least you have Mechanicum to look forward to once it’s over. John Scalzi is pretty good in my experience, I’ve not read Redshirts yet although it’s in the “to read” pile, loved the Old Man’s War series though.

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    1. Thanks for the comment mate. Not going to tear into Battle too much, I had problems with it and i was in a pretty tired state most parts of when i picked it up to read. I am doing the HH read along with Jenn and we are going to be looking into all the novels in the series, so there is no skipping any, unless both of us give up on one. I am exited for Mechanicum though.

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