Please allow me to introduce to you all my Ouma (for those not versed in Afrikaans ouma is granny or directly translated: old mom), her name is Joyce and I love her a lot. Ouma is like any granny should be and I bet we could get into a fist fight as to whose gran is the best, but be assured, I am willing to punch a few teeth in to make a statement about how great mine is…

Why am I featuring Ouma Joyce on my blog today? Well it so happens that today is her 80th BIRTHDAY, I also miss her today more than I normally do. Ouma has been one of those constant people in my life that has always been there when I needed advice or a good pointer in the right direction. I can not say I always followed said advice or pointers, but it does not mean that it was completely lost or gone unnoticed when looking back at my life.

80 Is a pretty great achievement in our family I would say. Our current world pandemic has left me on this side of the world while most of my family who still live in South Africa have the privilege to be spending it with her today, lucky bastards… I know I am missing out on a lot of cake and good food, but I do not put it past my mom who will be bombarding me with foto’s tomorrow to show of how much they enjoyed themselves. I’ll be at work while all this is going down ten thousand kilometers away from me…

As an added little surprise I would like to ask that any person that feels so inclined to join me in the comments and wish Ouma Joyce a very happy special day. If you do decide to wish her happy birthday in comments I would like to ask that you put where you are from as part of your message so I can show Ouma that she is loved all across globe. Should you like to wish her happy birthday in Afrikaans I can help with that as well. Just type “Veels geluk liewe Ouma, met jou verjaardag“, that is our traditional happy birthday wishes. Loosely translates to congratulations with your birthday.

Thanking you in advance for taking part in this celebration with me.

(This part is from me personally to my gran)
Ouma Joyce, ek het jou lief en hoop jy het n mooi dag en dat daar nog vele meer gaan wees. Wens ek kon daar wees om die dag saam jou en die familie te geniet het. Baie liefde, Dawie.  

28 thoughts on “(re)Joyce!!!!!

  1. Well, of course I will take a part in that! First off, congrats to you as well my friend! Looks like you really have an amazing Ouma, and she has an amazing grandchild!. Well here goes : I’m from Holland and: “Veels geluk liewe Ouma, met jou verjaardag“ Hope you had a great day!😊😊

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