September 2020 Recap

After today we have three more months left, 3 months where 2020 really has to pull a great hand if it wants to piss me of further or upset me. 2020 Has been one of the shittiest years world wide I believe as Lockdown and Pandemic became a normal term to use. I am so done with this year to be honest, I ma just going to leave my introduction there.

September was a lot more intense than I thought it was going to be. I found myself in another black hole or it might have been the same one I have struggled through the last few months. There is just not a lot that have been able to cheer me up. Reading wise it was quite a good month. So good that there are 6 books that I finished that I have not even had the time for to review. Let us take a look at the reviews I got to write for this month…


Aria 6Aria: The Masterpiece Vol 6 – Kozue Amano
Aria has been a series that has served as a great bit of “picking me up out of a depressed mood” series so far. The stories are sweet and easy to read through as well as nice artwork to look at while doing so.

Ann of GG Anne of Green Gables- L.M Montgomery
My luck with the Manga Classics has been a great experience. A great way to help the new generation by reworking potential boring classics into easier reading forms. In my case, very much like the ones from before it has motivated me to pay some attention to the Originals, track them down and give them a read some time.

Redshirts Redshirts – John Scalzi
Redshirts was a funny bit of literature that had all the makings of a fun nostalgic trip through the Star Trek years as well as including some minor Star Wars hints as well as some Alien. Too bad that the author got so absorbed into trying to break the fourth wall that the last part totally killed it for me. Not a bad book, just could’ve done without the “I am so great with words” part in the end.

battle-for-the-abyss Battle for the Abyss – Ben Counter
Book 8 in the Horus Heresy series, it was a slow read, both Jenn and I had a bit of a struggle. It picked up after the 200 page mark, but it was a case of too little too late regarding certain characters. It did little to move the Heresy forwards, but gave me great glimpses into other Chapters I have not read of too much in my Warhammer reading.

KhafkaMetamorphosis – Frans Kafka
Some great writing for a person who led a pretty shitty life. I still struggle to see how this was an “Absurd Comedy” as all I saw was pretty bleak existence of a person gradually fading out of life and importance to his family. A great easy read though, not recommended in our current social distancing situation, give it some time… Also how amazing is that cover???

bughunt Aliens: Bug Hunt – Various
Short stories set in one of my favorite franchises, some shiners and some stinkers within, but all round great little gem as I got to read some back stories to some of the Marines from the Aliens movie. Even included a story by a Warhammer author which was pretty good.

Those are the books I managed to cover during September, but as I have said it was a pretty good reading month for me as there are 6 other books I still have to review, four of which also happen to be set in the Alien franchise. I will make an effort to get to those reviews soon as I can.

Metal Monday:

As Jenn and I are currently reading Mechanicum (I believe Jenn is possibly finished by now and I am not even halfway…) I decided to do a little bit of Industrial Metal as it goes pretty well with the Mechanicum setting. I had a lot of fun, even though the posts themselves did not do very well. I understand it is not a genre for everyone.

Napalm Death – A Belly Full of Salt and Spleen
Static X- Hollow
N.I.N – The Wretched
Godflesh- Mirror of Finite Light


Not a lot of stuff happened apart from my Gran turning 80 and Milou and I exchanging our Smart car for a Pruis. The exchange all happened with Milou’s dad and we are still pretty happy with the fact that we now have a vehicle. I am trying my best now to prepare for the theory exam I have on the 16th of October. Because of this, my blog might become a little bit inactive till after the exam, I apologize for that in advance…. We also almost got a kitten, but that did not go through…

The Heresy Grows…

That was pretty much my September, I worked a lot even after I thought it was going to be a lot more chilled, it seems like thanks to Corona, people took later vacations, so the zoo went ape shit crazy over most of the days. I have been close to a mental and physical breakdown, but have the next two days free still. I do not know if I will be reading, I have an exam to prepare for… In October I will be taking more time off to prepare and Milou and will als be visiting the in-laws who have moved to a different location, I am pretty exited for my (not a) holiday.

Hope you are all doing well.

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