Reading Plans October 2020

Just a short post to re word what I already said on my Recap yesterday, I will probably not be reading a lot for the next 2 weeks due to preparation for my drivers theory exam. It does not mean that I have no reviews to share with everyone, on the contrary, I have six books I still have to write about that are all better suited for Halloween anyhow…

If I do get a chance to pick up a book it will be the one I am currently reading in physical form:

Having a good time with this so far, the story moves the Horus Heresy plot forward by quite a bit. There are some battles between Titans and an Imperator God Machine, this book is still very early Mechanicum where most people do not interact with their machines by what is now known as the noosphere also the parts where a tech priest interacts with a machine also does not include the +++ parts, it is quit interesting to see how they were started of if you take a look at where McNeil went with his Priests of Mars series. I hope to finish this in October, but I do not have my fingers crossed so we will see.

Other than that, I am well aware that it is Halloween month so I might look at some audio books. Milou and I will be listening to Stoker’s Dracula as well as Sleepy Hollow at some stage.ย 

If I end up not posting anything, I apologize now for it. I have some real life priorities that need taken care of…

Hope October will treat you all well.

18 thoughts on “Reading Plans October 2020

  1. Ah….I had a feeling you would like Mechanicum, and itโ€™s nice to see that you do so far!๐Ÿ˜€ As I said yesterday, take your time, and again good luck on that examn!๐Ÿคž๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Good luck with the exam!! It took me two attempts at the theory, then eleven at the practical here in the UK, so hopefully youโ€™ll do a lot better than me!!

    Iโ€™ve been out of touch on WordPress for a while, but thatโ€™s an impressive stack of books youโ€™ve got there, looking forward to catching up with all that Iโ€™ve missed, especially your reviews! (Necropolis is ๐Ÿ‘Œ)

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      1. I wanted to send you an email on WP but have no Idea how to that. Just to tell you that I have found the worcount way of things to work. Tried it with the review coming up in half an hour. Basically I always use classic block, but I tried adding a few paragraph blocks to today’s review. highlighted the paragraph blocks and there she was the beautiful wordcount thing…. Thank you for simplifying my life man.

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    1. I believe i am among the few who realy like the man machines. But having your blog that makes so much great mechanicum builds also really helps me visualize the people in the book. Thank you for that and for commenting.

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