Janice’s Snow Owls

Today I have a short little post just to share something amazing that happened over the past week. A fellow blogger did some drawings a while ago of barn owls and it was so well done that I told her that we have snow owls at the zoo where I work. I sent her some pictures of the ones we had and fast forward a few weeks later the results have come in. To be completely honest said blogger did such an amazing job of making the drawings look exactly like the pictures I sent. So I thought I’d share it with you all. First, the original pictures I sent:


To see Janice’s works of art you can click the link here. The art did not stop there however. Janice also wrote a poem and the drawing she made was a mash up of a combination of the pictures I originally sent her. Can you see the ones she used for Ice King? I just think it is amazing how talented Janice is and how great her drawings came out. If you do not know of her or follow her blog yet, I recommend that you check out her blog. I believe there is a little something for every one on there.

What do you think about Janice’s pictures? Which owl Picture is your favorite? I find it hard to pick one as they are all pretty beautiful…

Have a great weekend everyone. 

28 thoughts on “Janice’s Snow Owls

      1. Thanks man. Just need some fine tuning in certain areas it seems. I failed by three points and i do not know if it was because i did not understand what i was being asked or if i just purely did not know the answer. Dutch exams are tricky with their phrasing.

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