Metal Monday – Wadruna – Kvitravn (White Raven)

Welcome to Metal Monday. I seem to have missed one while I was on my learning holiday, as well as at the start of the month. It’s been one of those months… Yesterday I came home and I was quite very disheartened, things at work are really not going great at the moment and we are still waiting to hear if we are going into a second lock down or not this coming Tuesday. Things are not going well this side of the world… Even though it might come as a shock to people when I say that I wouldn’t mind if we do go into Lockdown, I could really care less of what people think of me. I have not been doing well of late and I could use some breathing room to be honest.

Enough about me, lets get to today’s song. I have featured Wadruna on my blog before. Classified as Pagan/ Viking inspired Folk Music, I do not much care what the classes are that the band get classed into, it is the music that matters to me. This song is ten days old today it also coincidentally deals with an animal more or less the same colour as the Snow Owl post I put up ten days ago, as well as the fact that looong ago I had this Idea for a poem that featured a White Raven in it, with no knowledge of the fact that they actually exist. Said poem would never be as great as this song, but talk about coincidences…

Clear vocals all the way, yet the person sings in Norscan?, if that is even a language, I do not know. Sounds really soothing and was just the type of thing my mind needed when I saw the youtube recommendation came up.

Hope you enjoy.


Ut i skuma
Lokkar til meg
Kvite ramnen
Duld og dvelande

Høyr eg spør!
Lend meg ei fjør
Så skal eg verkje
vingar kvite

Lat oss flyga
i vide vindar
I hugjen veida
Med songen seida

Høyr eg spør!
Lend meg vidsyn
Lat meg skilje
Sjå i skodda

Høyr eg spør!
Lær meg songen
som deg freistar…som meg freistar
som deg finn…som meg finn

Vil du meg fylgja
i all mi tid?
Vil du meg varda
i all mi tid?

Gav meg vingar
Kvite korpa
Gav meg sjon
Gav meg songen
Kvite vingar
Fylgjer meg

White Raven

Into twilight
Lure you in
White raven
Veiled and dwelling

Let me ask!
Lend me a feather
I will turn it into white wings

Let us fly,
wide on winds
With hunting minds
and sorcerous songs

Let me ask!
Lend me your wide-sight
Let me espy,
in fumes of fog

Let me ask!
Teach me the song
that allures you… that allures me
that finds you… that finds me

Will you follow me
throughout my time?
Will you watch over me
throughout my time?

Gave me wings
White raven
Gave me foresight
Gave me the song
White wings
Follows me

12 thoughts on “Metal Monday – Wadruna – Kvitravn (White Raven)

  1. No worries man, I know exactly what you mean. I am sorry to hear that things on your end are not going well. You know where to reach me, so if you need to vent, please do so, that is never a problem😉
    This song is epic by the way! Never heard of this band until now, but I absolutely loved it! Thanks for sharing it! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Seen a few seasons already, have to start over again though as I forgot where I stopped 5 years ago. At least i can binge it all and dont have to wait fir new episodes🙂. Same can be said about Game of thrones.


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