November 2020 Reading Plans

Since I said I was probably not going to do a reading plan post for November as I just kinda wanted to finish the books I was still currently busy with, I have read on numerous other bloggers, who I follow, that it is Sci/Fi month the month of November. Also, seeing as we were told last night that we will not be working for the next two weeks due to the escalated infection rates at which the second wave in The Netherlands, I found myself with a little more time on my hands… I think it is safe to say that I will have the time I need now to finally write some of those reviews I have not been able to get too in the last two months. Maybe squeeze in a few other posts here and there. Personally I am quite happy that we are forced to stay home as I was kinda hoping for some breathing space for a while now.

What I will be reading for Sci/Fi month you ask? Well first of, there are two books I am currently really close  to finishing and then I will be doing a partner read with Milou on a 40K crime novel that we both got through Net Galley…

I have been stuck on this book for a while now as reading physical books were put on the back burner due to exam preparations and general life stuff happening. I am quite enjoying the book itself, it’s not a true continuation of the Horus Heresy, but I am loving the inclusion or mention of things that have happened in previous books as well as learning quite a few new things regarding the Mechanicum. I am hoping to finish this today. Also on introducing a new little concept Jenn @Eternal Bookcase , whom I am doing the Horus Heresy read along with, has been working on. Details to follow hopefully shortly…

I started this two days ago on audible, as far as I am concerned this is set in WW2 era with a little horror including a vampire on a submarine. I use Horror very lightly in the sentance as I find the book a bit of joke. I could do a Salty McDave on this one, but I think he is rather enjoying this one, sad little man that he is…

Bloodlines is a new venture Black Library has come up with. Writing Crime novels that are set in the 40K setting sounds as interesting as their successful Horror spin offs have become. Blood lines is the first in the new series and I am exited as Milou and I will be reading this together. I have read pretty positive reviews on WP so far as well as the people not giving too many spoilers for the story. cant wait for this one, also the fact that I’ll be taking a book off of my TALL TBR pile on NG is also a bonus.

Tales of Heresy
If there is time left I would like to start with book 10 in the HH series, which is a collection of short stories. If I can end this year on book 10 I will be happy with my read through of the series so far. Having Jenn as a partner to cheer me on and vice versa has been quite fun and I hope we can continue to do so in 2021.

That is my plans for November. Apart from that you can expect a review for Dracula that I still need to think up as well as another novel that I finished two months ago and can only vaguely remember as well as Predator novel. I think it is safe to say that I am sorted for Sci/Fi November.

Hope you are doing well.

9 thoughts on “November 2020 Reading Plans

  1. Nice! Looks good, and some really good books as well! Looking forward to the crime novel. Already read a first review for it, and it was very positive. So will be interesting to see what your thoughts will be on it! Stay safe my friend, and hope you will have a good month! 😀

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