Inquisitor Jenn and the Word Eater…

Today I have the pleasure of sharing another bit of good news that you will be encountering on my blog as well as fellow blogger Jenn. Jenn and I have been throwing a few ideas around about how to make our partner read through of the Horus Heresy a little bit more personal. Jenn has made some awesome sketches that I have the pleasure of sharing with you today. As you might have gleaned from the post heading, Jenn has gone for the Inquisitor look where I opted for the Wold Eaters Space Marine Chapter, I have have put my own little twist in it making it a Word Eater Space Marine instead as I feel it fits nicely with the name of my blog. I have also chosen to give Word Eater the name of Savataruis as I have used part of that name in a  review quite a long time ago. A review I am  still quite proud of even if it’s 2  years old. I also went with Savatarius as I already have quite a lot of Daves and McDaves ghost writing on here.

Jenn has drawn our characters with a a few facial expressions in mind. So far I have one full color sketch as an end example, the rest still needs some filling, but I am not in a hurry for getting them done as we are only starting our read of book 10 today. I am really happy with how these sketches turned out, Jenn is very talented in what she does and I am very happy that she was willing to partner up with me for this momentous journey through the Horus Heresy. You can expect to see one of the Banners either up on the post heading where I normally put the book cover, or at the bottom of the review where the final verdict takes place. The faces’ expressions will give voice to the general feel of the book we just read. For now let me give you all a little glimpse into our partner reading banner…

Paired Banner Meh
This is the “meh” banner, I figure this is what we will be using for books with an avarage score, in my case 3 out of 5 books. The fact that Mechanicum is on the banner is not an indication that it was a Meh book, Jenn was just using that as a sample, as we were currently reading it when the idea for the banner arose. We will be including the current book we are reviewing where Mechanicum is situated.


Paired Banner Lines Happy
This is our happy banner. As many of you will se Savatarius is not too big on showing too much emotion as he has undergone the psycho conditional training, there is, however, quite a difference from his “meh” smile line. I like this quite a bit. Have I mentioned how talented Jenn is? Happy Banner will be for books with 4-and 5 out of 5 reviews. 

Paired Banner Angry Colours
Lastly we have the colored Banner that you’ve seen on the post heading. I really love how expressive it is. I do, however, hope that we will not be using this too often, but knowing 40K by now I am aware that there are a few stinkers in between all the good books. Angry Banner will be used for books that not only scored a 1 or 2, but also books that could potentially have been a 3 or 4 but ending up really just pissing me off (expect a McDave esque rant). I like angry Savataruis, the perfect face for a World Eater normally, as they are constantly angry. As a Word Eater though, the guy is going to have to try adapt to his surroundings. Angry Inquisitor Jenn is also not a person I would like to come across in life, seeing as Inquisitors, rarely show emotion themselves. An angry Inquisitor will not only give you hell, but will become your own personal hell if you can push them to brake the expression dampeners they worked years on to perfect…

 So there you have it folks! The birth of Inquisitor Jenn and Savataruis the Word Eater. What do you guys think? Great stuff right? I am surely loving it so far. This post has been fun to write up. I want to thank Jenn for making these sketches possible and for making our read of the Horus Heresy a little more personal in that way. It is great to receive an email asking how things are going and how you are experiencing the book or to be able to relate to another’s frustration with a character that grates on you, or be elated that a villain you have hated since the start of the book gets his just deserts. Jenn has been a great companion so far and I hope we make it far into the Heresy together.

Hope you are all doing well.

17 thoughts on “Inquisitor Jenn and the Word Eater…

  1. I love the Word Eater, that’s a really neat play on… words.
    I’m looking forward to using the coloured versions on our reviews as an added extra. They’re a bit of fun if nothing else and I am glad you have the idea for me to run with.

    A quick confession, I started Tales of Heresy last night and have finished the first short story already. It was too tempting to wait!

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  2. Haha, this is awesome stuff: Horus himself would be proud😊 Then again, he would also probably call upon the forces of Chaos to summon a few dark forces in order to make the posts a bit tainted, so on second thought, let’s not let Horus in on this😊 Great stuff though, and really the art is terrific! 😀😀

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    1. Salty normally includes a picture of himself i was forced to take some time ago. He really seems to like that one. Seeing as he does his own thing when he can be arsed to write some words i give him some form of free reign. That normally ends with me having to edit some words inbetween all the expletives🙈…

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