Metal Monday- Dimmu Borgir- Allegiance

Welcome to Metal Monday. Today’s song is not a recommendation I can make to any one in particular. Today’s song is by a band I have know and followed up until the album the featured song is from. Being classified as Extreme Symphonic Death Metal, Borgir are a great example of what to expect from bands in the genre. When I first heard Allegaince its was with ears of purest fear, these guys scared the living shit out of me and put me off of the genre for quite a while. But while my music tastes evolved from being able to switch from Enya to Korn at the time and later taking on bands like Rotting Christ and Septic Flesh (who are said to be the forefathers of Symphonic Death Metal), these guys became somewhat tame to me. I have a few songs of Dimmu that I still like and that have been there for times I just did not know how to cope with life in general.

The opening of Allegiance is one of my all time favorites with that sound of someone breathing through a gas mask, I could imagine him walking across a path littered by bleached skulls (as that was within the album art) only to transition into the line “the comes of Armageddon” then that opening gutteral “yeaaagggrh”. I love it. Fits perfectly with a Warhammer read. You can expect some blast beating, some eerie violins, and that breathing apparatus throughout the song. If you ever wanted to know what Popeye would sound like while having a shit and trying to sing, do yourself a favor and check out this song. I do not expect anybody els to like this, today I share a song as I feel I need it.

Fun fact, there were two songs on the album featured in some of the trailers from the 2004 Hellboy movie. I do not know if I am among a lot of people who actually heard that and knew the song instantly….


Cuddled through a cold womb he was
Pitch black and without sunshine rays
Hell patiently awaiting him on blood spilled soil
A noble grief stirred heart, always ready to die

In sinister systematisation, submission is golden
As an apprentice to violence, slaughter and bloodshed
He was like an object that is being processed
A force-fed destructor ready for abomination

The vast solitude in him witnessed it all
Those self afflicting eyes
And their fear painted faces
Made out of utter discipline, failure unacceptable
Hosts to oblivion
Exploring the darkest of places
Stench of rotten flesh breathing down his neck

Every day seemed like an endless night
When would he ever wake from this void
No other voice than his own will ever tell
What was real and…

9 thoughts on “Metal Monday- Dimmu Borgir- Allegiance

  1. I took a listen to this, not having heard it before. Not exactly my fancy, but I have a deep appreciation for genuine music. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Hey! A metal band that I’ve actually heard of (and like some music by)! That’s pretty rare. But I heard some of Dimmu Borgir’s instrumental music in the soundtrack for the video game Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, and really liked it. I’m not a metal fan usually, so this was really memorable to me.

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    1. Ive never even heard of that game and im a pretty big gamer… i’m real happy that i could share something you know and like too. Can you name the songs featured in that game? Interested if i know them.


      1. I think they use the orchestral versions of both Progenies of the Great Apocolypse and Eradication Instincts Defined. The game is almost 10 years old now. I think we had it on our Xbox 360, though it looks like it’s also available on Steam for a PC.

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