December 2020 Reading Plans

As I stated yesterday, we are fastly approaching the end of the year and I do not know if I should be concerned or pleased with that fact. I certainly want 2020 to be over, but I am extremely hesitant in putting up any hope that 2021 will be any better. For December I am planning on finishing books that I have already been busy with since the last part of November. I really hope that I will have enough time to get the reviews as well as get them done before the end of the year as I am very close to reaching the 60 read books mark, where my initial goal for 2020 was 30… I am pleased with that and I am not too worried if I do not make it to 60, I already am happy I reached my yearly goal. Here are the books you can expect reviews on either in December or January if I do not get to them.

Currently Reading:

I am on short story 4 of 7, tales of Heresy is book 10 in the Horus Heresy series. I do not think it is totally necessary to read to get a bigger picture of what is going on, but I have had a blast reading it as it does have little bits and pieces referencing to books that have gone before. I am happy with it so far. My reading Jenn has already completed it and her views, seem to echo that of mine as far as I know. Wierd that a short story collection can be more fun than some of the novels in the series.

Milou and I started this during our time in second Lockdown, it opened with a blast, I fear that Milou might be DNFíng it as she has stated that she has no idea what is going on. We had fun with it and I understand her not wanting to go on, I’ll be soldiering on, just under halfway through already. I’ll give Milou a short summary after each chapter though as I think even though she might be DNFíng, she would still want to know how things turned out. So far it is interesting for a Warhammer first Crime novel.

Talking about DNFíng, I am certain I will be putting this back on the “read later” Pile of my TBR. There are just too many characters to keep track of and what I initially thought of as a good idea to read before I started my Gaunts Ghosts series next year has flopped somewhat. I’ll give this another chapter or two, but if it takes me 5 days just to get through one, I know I am not ready for this one just yet… No fault on the author’s part.

I started this yesterday on audible. I can’t say it has been fun, who ever says a horror novel is fun? Some of the opening scenes has freaked me out a bit. I saw yesterday that this novel has a bunch of 1 star reviews. I wonder why. Is it because the author promoted it as being really true or loosely set on true true events with a lot of embellishment and extra added bit for that sensationalism? I do not know, as a psychological/ supernatural horror about a supposed haunted house, this has worked quit a bit of magic on me so far.

Other Planned Books:

Should I finish Tales of Heresy, Jenn and I have discussed on taking on another HH novel before the end of the year. I believe this can be doable as I am taking a week of in December and going to a place where we will not be hindered too much by internet. I might be getting this on audible as I do not own a physical copy yet and I do not want to block the already pressured postal services, having worked at a sorting depo earlier this year I know what hell those people must be going through trying to get things delivered on time.

Should there be time enough left, which I doubt very much, I would like to start and finish this Warhammer Horror novel. If my December reading plans go well I’ll be able to tick off 3 books from my Net Galley TBR pile which is currently lying on 26 books… I’ll be happy if I can manage that. I might have to consider only reading NG titles in 2021 to make a dent in that huge backlog…

Apart from these titles, I might pick up another few Audiobooks, will have to see how things go. Alot of Warhammer this coming month, but if I pull it of, these six books will get me to the 60 books read mark which I am aiming for. Not hard set on reaching it, but I feel like I am on a good reading sprint if you look at my 7 books I finished last month.

Thats enough talk about my reading plans for now. I now need to go write up some reviews for you all to read.

Hope you will have a great December all things considering.

10 thoughts on “December 2020 Reading Plans

  1. Well, sounds like you’ve got a handle on your reading plans anyway. That is good.

    And I’m all for you doing nothing but NG books for ’21 😀 The side affect of course, will be that you simply pick up some more, so maybe it’s not the best idea, hahahahahaa.

    Here’s to hoping December is a little bit smoother….

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      1. Apart from the week that i took off, there is no working from 16:30-21:00 then having to cycle back home for an hour only to start the next day at 07:00. Repeating for 7-12 days in a row. I now have work days that are from 7:00 to 11:00 or 7:00-16:00 and they are spaced out evenly. Like today i work 7:00 to 11:00 and i am off friday then work the weekend 7:00-16:00, of monday and tuesday. Something like that

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    1. That is from my personal collection yes. I use that on most of my Reading plans posts. If you want to try out WH books, there is a certain collection they started a few years ago. I am yet to try out one of those books in order to give an educated recommendation to some one else. I’ll be trying some of them in the new year

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