Metal Monday – AOTW – Ghost Heart

2020 Has been a pretty shit year and as of last week when I discovered today’s song and the history behind it just made me realize how shitty people can be when it comes to ego and money. Burton C. Bell was one of the founding members of Fear Factory, a band that started up in 1989 and he has been the one constant throughout the last 31 years featuring on every album up until now. I say til now as he made it known that he was going to leave FF due to very shady dealings and accusations from newer band members, it involved a lot of law suits and Burton, after 31 years of giving his all and being phenominal in both artistry as well as vocals has been the one left with nothing in the end. He left, a band that he started up, just like that.

Burton did not go wallow in sorrow though as through the last couple of years he has been working on his own project that will now see a new side to his writing and vision. Ascension of the Watchers’ Ghost Heart is beautiful, it contains Burton’s clear vocals and has some drumming that could be expected from a Fear Factory album, yet it has nothing to do with the band he left. It is pure art and I have not even said anything about the music video. It is profound to say the least and it speaks of hope in a hopeless world. It is metal like this that make me proud of my taste in music, it is metal like this that I can recommend to anyone out there that thinks Metal is just growling and being angry at your mom.

Please take a look or have a listen if you have time. I wish Burton all the best and success in all his future dealings and exploring his new vision.


Pale white northern star falling in love with me
Your celestial waves are made of light and harmony
I found your heart piercing my soul
I found your heart shining down on me

Under noctalucent sky, drifting down waves
Fading into blue, foreshadowing our fate
I found your heart piercing my soul
I found your heart shining down on me
So luminous

3 thoughts on “Metal Monday – AOTW – Ghost Heart

  1. With industrial-metal powerhouses Fear Factory currently in legal limbo,  singer Burton C Bell has resurrected his other band Ascension Of The Watchers and delivered their first single in more than a decade. is a slab of tremendous atmospheric gothic-industrial noise that evokes mid- Killing Joke rather than Fear Factory’s machine-gunning heaviness (unsurprising given Bell’s musical partner in AotW is former Killing Joke man John Bechdel). 


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