Extra Baggage for 2021

I suddenly find myself running out of time before the year ends and see I had a few things that I still need to write about, so I thought I would share some of it with you. As far as reviews go I am up to date apart from one book that was three hours long. I only found out after I had finished that it was book two in a series so I do not know yet if I will be reviewing it or reading the first book and then revisiting the second. As it was an Audible it was easy reading and 3 hours is not a lot of time to invest in a book. It was called The People that Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Books that I will be carrying over and hopefully finish early in January are:

Metro is a series of books that plays of in the Metro system of Russia after the whole world was nuked. The lucky people that escaped into the system find themselves facing quite a few dilemmas. So far it has been a difficult read as this was translated from either Polish or Russian and I do not feel that the translator did a good job. It also feels like it has a lot to do with politics that either took place in the time of it being written or could still be happening in current times. I am not all clued up on all that. All I want to read is how this series managed to bring a series of games I was really intrigued by to life, yet what I am left with are broken sntance structures and “Squirrel” moments within the same sentence as a political thought, I find that I might take a while to get through this nearly 500 page tome…

When I finished Bloodlines I decided I was going to take on another one of the 25 books I have on Net Galley I have up for review still. Sepulturum is a Warhammer Horror entry that I have only read one chapter of. It is too early to tell what my thoughts are on it. From the looks of it it might involve Vampires? Salty might like to check this one out. We will see how it goes…

Double Eagle is a book that has probably popped up on 3 of my Reading Plans post during the year and I have not even made it past chapter two. I have been thinking of DNFíng it due to me not being invested in the story at all, but DNFíng a Warhammer just feels all kinds of wrong to me personally. The reason I started this was because on the cover it states that it is a Sabbat worlds novel. Not knowing what the Sabbat worlds are I thought I could pick this up as it was written before Black Library was as big as it is now. I also thought it would be a good book to read before I start my read of the Gaunts Ghosts series that was a seemingly oke hit on fellow blogger Bookstooge. I am afraid that if I DnF this or force myself into completing it and hating it, it will not be a good way to start 2021, so I will pick away at this book as I feel fit, bit by bit.

Apart from those books and the one review, I have not even said anything about my birthday where we spent a week in Centre Parks visiting Neanderthal burial sites and being greeted by squirrel every morning also how I was allowed to make a few fires and all this amidst being in a third Lockdown… I do not know if I will be doing that post anymore, but thought I could mention it here at least.

There is also my 2020 Reading Stats that I wanted to do for today, but then I thought I could write it up tomorrow if I wake up at all, I have a feeling that I might indulge a little too much on some beer pong with Milou later tonight counting out the last minutes to 2020. If not tomorrow, then it will be up by the second of January. I also planned on doing a Reading Plans, but having stated the three books I am currently reading here already, I think it is safe to say that I do not have to do it, but maybe I do, will see.

I am planning on bringing some Game related posts in 2021, mainly of games I played in 2020 or 2019, these will go under the Distraction Dinsdag section as it literally takes me away from reading and bringing reviews. Most of these games will be old as I currently still game on a Playstation 3 as well as some of the mobile things I spend waay too many hours on in stead of doing constructive stuff.

2021 Is going to be a busy year for me personally as it will be my third year of living in The Netherlands, in August my three year contract at the zoo ends so I will be job hunting soon as the New year starts. I do not see the zoo taking me on and there was never a chance that I would be given a permanent position there. Not that I am complaining, the zoo has been both good to me in starting my journey on besting the Dutch language and seeing how things fit in together in society. August will also be the month I will be allowed to start my application for becoming an actual Dutch citizen. Having done all the citizen exams and trajectories that is compulsory for being eligible to do so in my first year of coming over, I do not know how many can relate to the elation of the 2 year wait to finally be over. Applications can take over a year to complete tho so I might have to be just a little more patient… Fuck…

2020 Was also the year that I wanted to look at studying something. We have found a possible interest for me, Bachelors in Translations, but in order to start I either have to have a diploma that states that my English is up to par for taking the the 4 year course, or do a year English online course. The writing is not set in stone yet as Covid fucked all plans up as well as set us back a few years more. The idea is to first see how job finding goes and then look further, baby steps… What ever happens, I feel that studying English could only benefit myself personally as well as see minor improvements to the blog in general. Will see how 2021 turns out.

I also planned on letting fellow followers of Wordaholicanonymous in on a little “get to know Salty Mc Dave” post in 2020, but that never happened, I was going to ask the readers if they have any kind of questions they would like Salty to answer for them, give some advice tips out, as well as doing an introduction piece on him. Salty might be getting his own blog sometime and guest write on Wordaholic from time to time so I thought that would be a good place to start him of with. If you are interested in something like that, please feel free to say so in comments as well as asking anything you want to hear a reply too.

As far as I know those were the things I still wanted to get of my chest in 2020 and that you can expect getting to read about in 2021. I guess it will be a year with more life updates than reading reviews, but I will do my best to keep the blog going. As well as interact with you all. From Milou, myself and Salty, we would like to wish you all a very Happy New year, may it be prosperous and find you all in good health.


26 thoughts on “Extra Baggage for 2021

  1. Heh, it sees you’re going to have a busy year… best of luck on all fronts. Good thing people like us can always find refuge in books, when we need to take our minds off the grim realities of life 😉 I hope you won’t lack time for your blog and for ours and that the Krakow trip will be possible in 2021!!!

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    1. Busy year indeed mate. Hell yeah Krakow is gonna happen, let’s just hope this pandemic can fuck of already. I have this habit of visiting burial sites on my birthday, for my 30th it was Berlin… Krakow is next…

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  2. DNF that Sabbath worlds novel. They are referenced in one or two of the Gaunt’s Ghosts books but nothing about the references were necessary to enjoy the GG books. If Black Library can expand into crime thrillers and horror, it’s ok if you DNF one 😀

    If you like the Edgar Rice Burroughs books, there are a ton of books by him that I’m pretty sure are in Public Domain. I don’t know if his stuff is in audio though. He wrote the Tarzan books and the John Carter of Barsoom/Mars series.

    That is great that you have so many possibilities open to you for the future. If you could get into translating, that would be neat. Does that even interest you?

    Good luck figuring out how you want to utilize Salty. And if he becomes a burden, drop him. Thankfully, personality shards like that are easily discarded 😀

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    1. Thank you my friend. Salty is very much a staying thing that concerns my blog.

      Translating texts or even books could be a great thing for me, but thats not only limited to that line, i could even try my hand at a walking talking translator tour person… if the industry is back up and running. I just feel that studying anything at the moment is better than sitting waiting for death to take me…

      I think Rice has a few more books on audible. Will be checking him out.

      Dnf for Abnett is a great piece of advice coming from you. Could always pick it up later

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  3. Happy 2021 to you too, mate! Sounds like you’re gonna have a big year ahead, but it also sounds like it’s gonna be pretty amazing too! Looking forward as always to the blogs, my friend 😃

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  4. Happy New Year 2021 and good luck with your citizenship process!!! Oh, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, I know how it feels to feel neither here nor there 😉
    And Go, Salty! More Salty, definitely!!! 😁

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    1. Theres a bit of Salty in my 2020 recap, but its just a review you might have already read🙂. Thank you for the well wishes. How long did it take you to intergrate or are you still in the process thereof?

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      1. Our case might be a bit different, as we don’t have a quick road to citizenship. But in terms of just plain adjustment, we’re there I think. Still some things seem a bit strange or just different, but I bet I’d have a similar experience coming back to Poland 😉

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