Reading and Stats 2020

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I totally misjudged the amount of refreshments I imbibed over the course of New Years eve and it has taken me nearly two days to recover… What a great send of for 2020, to hit me like a speeding freight train before leaving me in the dust of it’s tracks. I was planning on doing this post earlier, but it turned out that I had to update Good Reads a fair bit first to get to the final result.

2020 in reading terms for me was a very successful year it turns out. I read 1 book more than the previous year and for the second time in a row I exceeded my goal of reading 30 books by reading double the amount I initially set up to do. I also increased pages read by around 2000 more than the previous year. For me that is a great achievement. Although my page totals will not come close to those among the GR avid readers or people I follow on WP, I am satisfied with my progress especially taking into account the year that 2020 was. Even though I felt I read way too much Audio books, I think they outweighed the physical/ digital copies, I do not feel that I cheated too much. Each time I read an Audio book, I could write a review the same way I wrote one for a physical copy. I am a lot more lenient when it comes to audio books than I was 3 years ago that much is certain. Let me share some of the good, the bad-and the disappointing reads of my 2020:

First Review:
Metro 2034-Dmitry Glukhovsky
It is funny that this was my first review for 2020 seeing as I re read it to finish the third book in the series. I say funny as I only picked up book three in mid December and I have quite a way to go. 2034 had a lot of problems for me, mostly because I felt that the translation was bad. Exactly the case of book 1 and sure as hell also book 3. I think I will be happy once I am done.

Last Review:
The People That Time Forgot (Caspak, #2) by Edgar Rice Burroughs
The last book I reviewed on GR and not on WP, this is book two in the Caspak series, I did not know that, but it got a 4 out of 5 from me.

Shortest Book:
vampire state
Vampire State Building
At 53 pages and also one of those graphic novels that I insta clicked because of the synopsis, but that left a bad imprssion on Salty’s tongue. Yeah I gave this to him as he was still suffering from his I am Legend read the previous year…

Longest Book:
heir of novron
Heir of Novron – Michael J. Sullivan
This was book three in the Riyria series, originally one of Milou’s favorite authors. I might also be a SulliFan convert now. 5 out of 5 for this book as well as the series. This was 924 pages of pure genius story telling all coming together at the end.

2020 rating
Lol this sounds like a legit score out of 100 for the year that was 2020. My avarage book rating for 2020 was 3.6. I believe as GR only has an out of 5 rating, 3.6 means I read a majority of good books.

Dracula – Bram Stoker
With 1627512 people having shelved this classic, Dracula is a great book if you take the time it was written in. It was a bit of a miss for me, same as Frankenstein was a few years ago. This was a re read for Milou, we did it as a partner read and she also stated that she could not remember that it was that boring. People were a bit stupid in my opinion, while trying hard to act proper in the face of something supernatural. 

Least Popular Read:
That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime
TTIGRAAS- Trinity in Tempest was shelved by only 34 people. This was a Net Galley Manga so no surprise that not that many people know of it yet. Not knowing anything of the original series this was a spin off too, I still had fun going through it.

Highest Rated on GR:
Aria 6
Aria: The Masterpiece Vol 6 – Kozue Amano
This book is one of the highest rated on GR, but so far only has 12 ratings including my own. Aria has been a good hit for me since I started it. This also thanks to Net Galley.

My Personal Favorite books of 2020:
I read a few books in 2020 that totally blew me away. This was not decided by GR, this list is of my own making. Seeing as I already have a link for Heir of Novron, I am not linking it again, nor the two books before that, but they are all three part of this category. Also all of the the Sherlock Holmes novels by Arthur Conan Doyle, I had a blast reading each and every one of them. I will be continuing my Sundays With Sherlock with other books that the dynamic duo inspired.
img_2150Dune – Frank Herbert
Why it took me so long to pick up this book is beyond me to explain. Bookstooge was one of the first people to follow my blog and I can remember telling him early on in my blogging career that this was on my list for reading soon. Soon turned into nearly three years. I am also very proud of the review I typed up for this. I also wrote my own little poem for it at the start, that is how much I liked this.
godofwarGod of War- J. M Barlog 
The novelization to the PS4 game I am yet to play some time in my life. I had an absolute joy with this being read to me by one of the people that actually dit the voice for one of the characters in the game. 
deon meyerThe Woman in the Blue Cloak – Deon Meyer
A book taking place near the region of Cape Town South Africa, close to where I grew up, written by an Afrikaans author and translated into Dutch. I read this on my month holiday while in S.A. I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. 

DeathwatchDeathwatch – Steve Parker
Book 1 in Steve parker’s Deathwatch series, this was a re-read for me, but I did not have a blog when i first read it. I also did it in preparation for the second book that I got off of Net Galley. 
broken-eyeThe Broken Eye – Brent Weeks
Book 3 in the Lightbringer series. Man I do not know HOW, but Weeks has done a good job in wanting me to continue the series. This is not a series for the feint of hart or easily offended that much is for sure. I should be picking up the fourth book around February, I hope I can finish this series by the end of this year, these books are mammoths themselves. 

Most Disappointing Reads:
Yeah, what is a list if it does not contain good and bad? No list at all!!
shadowbreakerDeathwatch: Shadowbreaker – Steve Parker
The second Deathwatch book by Parker was a mess for me. A shame that the second was never as good as the first. It was as if it was written by a person that never read the first novel, sad as the fist novel was written by the same person. 
cadia standsCadia Stands – Justin D Hill
I actually bought the physical as I got the second book on Net Galley, this was just boring an as flat as a beer that was left open for a week. Even had the same bad after taste to be honest. Swords and Spectres still brings this book up in comments just to make me not forget how bad it was.
cadian honourCadian Honour -Justin D. Hill
The follow up to Cadia Stands. I loved the cover and I was exited to get to know the woman on the cover, I was sadly disappointed as when she featured it was as boring as the first book. Ugh… Please do not promote a book with a specific character and not do anything with her.
descent-of-angels Descent Of Angels – Mitchel Scanlon
This was not a bad book per se, but for it to be put in so early in the Horus Heresy and only deal as a sort of origins story was a bad move from Black Library. I am also less and less interested in the Dark Angels as I keep reading about some stuff that seem so childish and juvenile. I am hoping they turn around as I still have a 900 page omnibus I have to get through at some time. 
I did not even write a review for this crock of shit, toilet humor filled to the brim. What were these people thinking? Cool to piss on some one’s legacy? Utter Garbage.
tearsThe Mask of a Thousand Tears – David Chauval and Robert Ali
Milou and I partner read this as well. We very nearly cried a thousand tears between us at the utter idiocy of the main woman. Wanting to get her husband back from the dead, but ending up fucking some stranger she meets after the first day of her journey. Great synopsis, bad execution and decisions between the pages.

So with all that reading out of the way let us look at my blogging stats for 2020. I do not have a lot of pictures to show for that so I will just be typing up some raw data and share the post that apparently had the best stats.

WP says that my most popular day and time is Monday at 12pm. I can only ascribe that to the semi successful Metal Mondays that I try keep as frequent as possible. When I schedule any posts I normally set them for 12:00 based on this one statistic alone. I have been posting at infrequent time slots during December and must say that I do feel like a lot less views have come in, but it was December and I know world wide everybody has a lot going on and tend to spend less time on WP, so I am not too phased about it.

It is weird that 2020 was only my third year of blogging. I started mid 2017 and since then followers have trickled in, some are just following I guess in the hope that I will insta follow back, but I have learned from my first year’s mistake in not doing so as one can easily fall in a hole where you just cannot get to everyone’s posts. I currently follow about 30 People and even with that, keeping up to date is difficult for me. As of the typing of this post I am at 388 and 5 on e-mail. While I am extremely grateful that some one is willing to follow the infrequent blogger that I am. 388 Followers does not mean my posts garner even half of those likes. I averaged at around 18 likes per post last year with 12 comments per post. I bet that six of that 12 would be replies to a comment from myself. Again, I am not too phased by these numbers. What I do appreciate is the fact that I do get interactions with people from across the globe. That makes me happy. 

2020 Saw me push out a total of 159 posts. I am happy with that result. 59 or maybe 61 of those would be book reviews, the rest would probably be Metal Mondays being the most, a random un-book related post here and there, Reading Plans each month as well as the monthly recap which I have come to rather enjoy doing. In total I wrote three more posts than 2019, it is not a lot more, but it is an improvement of 2019 at least. My average for words per posts increased from 2019’s 598 to 721 in 2020, that makes me proud of my progress if I do say so myself. Even though with this new WP block editor that I still hate, I thought my counts were going to go down. In 2019 I wrote a total of 93253 words, I also improved on this in 2020 with 114641 words. Out of my 159 posts for 2020 I got 1823 comments and raked in 2868 likes in total. Very happy with this result. WP shows my all time best day was 22 August 2019, but I can not see that I posted anything at that time. What I do see is that I had 147 views on my Homepage, which is nothing special. I do not know if there was a glitch in the system or something, I also do not see how I will top 147 views anytime soon. Maybe any one that made it this far into the post should share this post on their blog??? I do not know. Not too bothered by it.

And that folks is the end and hopefully the last time I ever have to type 2020 in one of my posts. Even if it was a crap year I feel that I came out of it stronger than I will ever be. I will be working hard at making 2021 an amazing year. It already starts early for me as in March I will be married to the most wonderful person in the world. I would like to thank each and every person that I got to interact with and look forward to doing so again in 2021. Let us make this an awesome year together!


23 thoughts on “Reading and Stats 2020

  1. First, HURRAY for Dune! That in itself makes this a great post 😀

    Glad that you and audiobooks have made peace. Just don’t have babies together, ok? 🙂

    You’re average rating is pretty dang good, especially considering some of those Salty reviews.

    Weeks’ books are just huge. To the point where each one could easily be 2 books. Best of luck getting through them in ’21. Even when you like a book/series/author, sometimes something so big has its own gravitational pull that slows you down.

    As for the WP stats….

    My most popular hour is the hour I post to as well, which is 5am. I have found that if you get 5% of likes from your followers, then you’re doing decent. I’ve never seen anyone get more than 10-15% without some sort of shenanigans. As for comments, you’re real lucky to get 1%. But that is why I regularly cut people from following me (especially all those dotcom sites selling vacuums or whatever).

    With 159 posts, that means you’re pushing one out almost every other day. That is some serious blogging and I’d say you should consider yourself a full time blogger because of it. You see a lot of people who are happy to blog once a week. As for your best day, that is probably because someone went searching on your site that day and went over the whole thing. I had that happen to me on new years day 2 years ago where someone visited almost 180 of my posts. No likes, no comments, nothing but the view. It was really weird. So I suspect the same thing has happened to you.

    Hear,hear about ’21! Onward!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind words my friend. Having you comment on nearly any post i put out is the 1% i am most happy for. Thanks for clearing that views thing up for me. It probly was just some one wanting my attention. There are actually people selling vacuums on here??? And Dune was great! I hope i can get round to the second book sooner than three years from now

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am really thankful that you and I have hit it off. I tend to end up fighting with, then walking away from, a lot of male bloggers, so I don’t take it for granted when I click with someone and we get along.

        Yep, I had someone follow me the other day and the link from their profile led to a dotcom site selling vacuums. I couldn’t believe it, hahahaha! Needless to say, I cut them quick as a wink.

        Considering how many Black Library books you have, it “might” end up being 3 years, haahahahaha!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I some times have wondered if we would get into a fight for my ignorance on many things, but i am glad that you are still with me after my semi short lifetime of blogging🙂. That Black Library comment just hit me hard😂. Yeah no pressure on that second Dune book for sure🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like 2020 wasn’t all that bad considering your stats and your blog – everywhere else is was a stinker of a year though!
    I’m pleased to see some of the reviews on this summary – and glad that Descent of Angels made it into the ‘not so good’ section.
    Also reminds me to try picking up Dune – I’ll have to fit it in somewhere.

    I can relate on the not being able to keep up with some people, I am following far too many and really should trim the herd!

    Seeing your stats makes me want to push harder with my own reviews this year too, thanks a lot for sharing them.

    Hopefully, 2021 will be a good year for everyone and, it should go without saying, I am looking forward to pressing on with the HH buddy-read too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We should be starting fallen Angels some time around the 20th if it works out. I have quite a bit of reading to do before then, but if we do get a chance and take a book a month maybe, you’ll have 12 Horus reviews up for sure by the end of the year🙂. I am looking forward to continuing HH with you. Sorry i have not replied to your email. Took me forever to get this post up🙈. Dune was amazing and Descent of Angels was not really bad, just should not have been there so early, but I geuss we will be finding out the why when getting to Fallen Angels. Fingers crossed it will be good🤞


      1. I think a HH book a month is do able and an easy thing to aim for – and if we fancy throwing in an extra or two we can!
        The 20th for Fallen Angels still works for me.

        No worries on the reply, takes me long enough to get to them sometimes!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thousand Sons is a chunky one so i geuss we could start with that as soon as we are done wit Angels. At least the copy I have as it is the same series of the one i had for mechanicum.


      3. It does look to be a bigger novel than some of the others.
        I am always happy to go with the flow, maybe see how Angels leaves us feeling before we commit?

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Urgh … those Cadia books. I see a fair few 5 stars for those and often wonder how much they were paid to write such nice reviews 😉

    I’m with you on not classing audio books as cheating. You are still getting the exact same story. Plus if, like me, you listen at standard pace, it takes longer ‘in terms of hours’ to listen than it would to read. So you’re actually putting more time in 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nice! I definitely need to try Dune… I guess it might be time to look into this net galley thing, too! I’m hoping to make use of the local library this year, and read more widely than usual… though I too have that Dark Angels omnibus to get to at some point…! Here’s to a better 2021, anyway!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well if you do join Net Galley ill be sure to drop you text when Black Library puts a few books up there.. i have this feeling that my comments make it to your spam folder though.


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