2021 Reading Resolutions

We are already 6 days into the new year and I have not even talked about certain goals I have set for myself for this year. Now, as I have talked about what a busy year it will be for both Milou and me I, do not want to put too much strain or stress on myself so I have made pretty reachable goal for myself I tink. Seeing as I have put up the goal of reading goal of 30 books for the last 3 years I am keeping with that tradition. These books will include:

Continuing the Horus Heresy series:

Expect some more Inquisitor Jenn and Savatarius reviews

Jenn @Eternal Bookcase and I have made some good progress with this series last year. We are on book 10 and I have thought about trying to get one book in every month at least. If we end the year on book 22 that would be great. If we don’t I wont be too disappointed with myself. Just having some one that is there going through this vast series is already a big plus for me.

Knocking more Net Galley books of the TBR list:

A funny thing really, I went on so many book requesting sprees last year and the year before that I have 25 books, 25 Warhammer books I got for free that I still need to get through. I have decided that I am going to try not request all five that Black Library put up for request every time, unless they are part of a series I am currently reading or interested in reading. 25 books on Net Galley alone can make up my 30 books for 2021 if I just stick to that, but I have found that it takes me longer to get through digital books than when I read a physical. If I can get through 6 or 7 books on this list this year I will be happy with myslef.

Taking series/books of off my Owned Shelf for Donation/ Give away that I know I have finished and will not be reading again:

Pretty self explanatory I believe. 2021 will see me do the dishonorable thing of taking books of of my shelf and put in storage, or running some give aways should anyone be interested. More on this one when I physically get to that stage.

Marveling at Marvel:

Milou did this thing and signed up for Marvel Unlimited, an app that has nearly all the books that Marvel has put out through the years. When I say Marvel at Marvel I am already amazed by what I have seen on the app. There are literally thousands of comics on there and I have just finished the first comic where Spiderman was first introduced back in 1963. I am now on a reading sprint with the series of “Amazing Adult Fantasy” that has nothing to do with the word adult as I know it today. Just pure speculative fantasy comics, easy to read. I wont be surprised if my 30 book goal gets reached by these comics alone… I am currently doing the first comics from the sixties before Marvel was really a thing, later going on a Venom and Carnage spree, what can I say. I was a big Spiderman fan when I was a kid…

Finishing at least one series this year:

The only series I can honestly think of at the moment of writing this post is the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. I have 2 more books to go, they are very weighty tomes, not just the subject matter that they deal with, but also THICCC ass books… Their covers are really great as well!
I am also currently just under halfway through the last Metro book in the original series. This series will be part of the donations/ give away that sparked the paragraph further above. When I am done reading this, it will have been for the last time ever.

Just Try to have fun:

While nothing on this list is definitely set in stone, I am going to try have as much fun with it as I possibly can. I hope that my reviews on them all will show that.

Till next time!

18 thoughts on “2021 Reading Resolutions

    1. Carnage scared the crap out of me when i saw him for the first time. I am kinda exited to see how they will do with woody harilson in Sony’s second venom film🙂. Venom was just pure awesome when i first met him on the 90’s Kids series. Gonna see if i can track that down on the Disney chanel, maybe read and watch back to back.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. I’ve already stated how much I am looking forward to continuing the HH series with you.
    But, I feel like I should say that I’m also looking forward to reading about all your other endeavours too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ive been stuck on a bit of a bad book at the moment, if i could finish it before the tenth, we could maybe start earlier. Getting something in the mail tomorrow that might actually keepme busy for quite some time. Whatch this space tomorrow🙂


      1. Oh, that’s only this particular one that was terrible 😉 Do try Garth Ennis’s run of The Punisher if you have the chance – it’s the best there is, and it is epic!!! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Good on you, mate. Seeing your posts over time and especially reading this post I think I’m going to try and read a bit more this year. I’ve got tons of books, but seemingly so little time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have more mini’s that you spend time on my friend… i might be calling on you and like minded enthusiasts soon as my first set is being delivered tonight… I am exited and a little bit stressed at the same time🙈. Thank you for the kind words. And if you do decide to do book reviews, i am more than exited to read your thoughts if it concerns books i am interested in as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cheers mate – always happy to give what advice I can on painting. Congrats on getting your minis as well. Hopefully we get an unboxing/starter post from you on the blog as well.. 👍

        Liked by 1 person

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