Amazing Adult Fantasy #7 – Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

Published: 1961
Publisher: Marvel
Pages: 26
Series: Amazing Adult Fantasy
Format Read: Digital copy Marvel Unlimited App


The magazine that respects your intelligence.
Fantastic thrillers for the more mature reader.


That is the shortest blurp I have ever seen on a book of any kind. Baring in mind this was but a 26 page comic in the times way before Marvel was the money printing machine it is today. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko were but two grown men that wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. Now, I get it, it was the sixties and I can not see that comics back then could have been as impact full as they are in today’s terms, but if they weren’t, we would not have what we have today… I do not know why AAF started at number 7 and not 1, I am willing to believe it was only at number 7 where things started being archived, or that the first six issues belongs to a different corporate entity. AAF number seven is a collection of 5 stories each around four or five pages long. Each story pretty well fleshed out, even more so than what some comics spanning 5 issues these days can’t achieve, which just shows me how far ahead of their time Stan and Ditko were. In the last story it had a pretty profound working on me personally as I felt that the two man crew were voicing their thoughts on racism, stating that if two kids of different cultures (one culture being that of aliens from outer space) could get along, why can’t the adults do the same?

I believe my first impressions of me Marveling at Marvel has been of to a good to start with this one. Even if the art was raw and not all too great looking, I still had fun going through this. 4 out of 5 on GR from me. I do not yet know if I will be doing full reviews on each of these short comics, but I will in future try keep it as short as possible as I do not see myself having a lot to say that was not already said before, but we will see how things pan out.

9 thoughts on “Amazing Adult Fantasy #7 – Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

  1. Nice review! The art looks pretty minimalistic, even for Ditko. Might have been a tight deadline. The story appears to be classic Stan. I’ve been reading old comic collections to my youngest as best time stories. We’ve gone back and forth between DC and Marvel. It’s amazing how much better the stories Stan was telling at Marvel compared to DC. It took DC years and years to even begin to emulate that.

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    1. Thanks for the comment mate. I believe these were still early years for Ditko. DC took years to get there, but tooktjem less to screw it all up again with sjw political correct genderswapping bs…

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      1. I haven’t kept up to date on their latest stuff. With modern comics, I tend to gravitate to indy companies. The continuity of Marvel and DC is a total mess at this point, and I’m not sure anyone could follow it reasonably.

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