A Few New Things…

Seeing as it was my Birthday and we never really celebrated Christmas with my whole in-law family last year, that does not mean I did not get any nice presents before the year closed off. I got some pretty neat things that I am very grateful for. I never showed them of on here as I kinda ran out of time nearing the closing of the year. So I thought I would show off now, how about that?

I got this Warhammer inspired Monopoly set from Milou a few weeks early for my birthday as we were going into our second lockdown. Houses and Hotels are now called Outposts and Fortifications. The Hat, Dog, and Car have been replaced by a Space Marine Helmet, a Tyranid, a Necron Pyramid, ect ect. Chance is now called Fate and Community Chest is now called Glory Cards. The places are all named after places set in the 40K universe, Train stations and Water and Electricity has changed to Mechanicum Forges and Eldar Craft worlds, with some very nice art work thrown in the mix. You get the idea right? Monopoly with a reskin, even though Milou beat me with the first game due to me having bad luck with dice throwing, we still had fun with it.

Guards Gaurds illustrated
This was my Christmas present from Milou, it is the whole Guards Guards novel but every so often there is a glossy neatly placed Kidby picture thrown in. Funnily enough I gave Milou a Pratchett as well called Raising Steam. We are not lacking in the Pratchett department that much is certain.

Nemesis by James Swallow is book 13 in the Horus Heresy, I do not own a copy of it so I got this for myself last year and never wrote about it. Seeing as Jenn and I will be starting on book 11 this month I am already exited to read what is held between these pages.

Age of Darkness
Book 16 in HH I got it as it was cheap enough on the website I use now to get new books. Seeing that it is edited by some one leads me to believe that this will be another short story collection. Book 10 having been a short story collection makes this one feel that it might be a little early for another? I hope that it will be as good as the 10th book though, we will see.

Flutist of Arnhem
Flutist of Arnhem is a book I got of Net Galley yesterday. Arnhem is a city not so far from us, it also played quite a big role in the second world war. We have taken part in the annual Airborne Walk that takes place in Arnhem each year, one of the biggest single day walking events world wide. There is so much history I still have to learn about my new home and having a chance to do so through a graphic novel seems like something I can manage. Very exited to see how it went down. Milou might be joining me for this one.

And now ladies and gentlemen, the big one… I have finally given in and started my venture into the miniatures collection. This Starter set comprises out of two WH armies. Six Space Marines and a Leader unit that will be going up against a smal Necron Army. Included in the box is a rule book that will teach me the basics of how the table top game works. I still have to assemble all the units and I do not know if I am going to be trying my hand at painting just yet. I just figured, seeing as we are in lockdown till 19 January still, with the possibility of it being extended, now will probably be a good time to learn the game side of 40K. If you guys are interested in seeing what is inside this box set, I could do an unboxing post. Let me know in the comments. To say that I am exited to learn this is a bit of an understatement, I have been dying and itching to get a set like this for a while now… Unboxing post or not, you can expect a post here and there to show my progress in painting the mini’s, once I get around to it. Maybe even a Battle Report, Milou says she is willing to play with me if she can be the Space Terminators, how can I refuse…

Till next time!

48 thoughts on “A Few New Things…

  1. I’m sure you only lost because of dice, they are very mischievous things 😉 Would you add a few more photos of “Guards! Guards!”? It seems to be a great edition 🙂

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  2. Oooh, that’s it now, Dave, you’re on the slippery slope of collecting minis! 🙂 As for Guards! Guards! I went to see the stage adaptation at a theatre many years ago and really enjoyed it (I’ve also read the book, again many years ago)! I’ve also got Raising Steam waiting to be read!

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      1. To be honest I can’t remember, but it was a long way! We couldn’t get the adult medal because we were only fourteen/fifteen but we got some kind of youth medal from the Cadet force and there was a 50th anniversary medal as well so must have been 1994 or 1995?

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      2. Thats pretty great. My first walk was on the 75th anniversary. Just got a small medal on a ribbon. For the next 4 walks they give you wings and pendants to stick on the ribbon and at the 6th walk you get a new sort of medal. Im on 3 walks so far… we opt for the 15km as i have knee issues…

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  3. Welcome to the dark-side of miniature collecting!
    I hope you’ll be sharing your progress with us?
    Also, Warhammer 40k Monopoly sound more dangerous that normal Monolopy!

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    1. Yeah some of the fate cards can be pretty brutal🙂. Im still figuring out how i’m going to cut the mini’s out. Is it really a must thst you HAVE to get the citadel clippers?

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      1. You can use a hobby knife (in fact for some pieces it’s a lot easier) but even I have to admit that the clippers (many brands available) are really useful.

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      2. Use the clippers to get the part away from the spruce, but leave a bit of the sprue attached to the part, then cut closer with clippers or the knife once you can see what is mini and what isn’t.

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      3. I can only imagine!

        As for clippers, Eloth and I only have some standard ones. I don’t think GW/Citadel ones are vital.

        (These are our ones, though they are on the old side and in need of replacing. Sadly, my technical terms for the exact type they are is lacking.)

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      4. I ordered some online as the hardware shops over here are closed still till late Jan. Mine should arive on Monday. Gives me enough time to get through the Metro book so i can start Fallen Angels as I clip the mini’s out. Good deal i feel

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  4. Unbox! Unbox! Unbox!

    We DEMAND an Unboxing. And if we don’t get it, well, ummm, nothing actually. It’s a pretty empty threat, hahahahaaa 😀 But seriously, it would be cool to see an unboxing from you.

    That WH Monopoly looks cool. I’ve seen various Monopoly skins throughout the years but nothing has ever really interested me enough to buy one. Mrs B doesn’t like Monopoly anyway, so who would I even play with?

    I liked this post. It was fun to read the various things.

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    1. Thanks man. Already took some fotos. Will be doing some editing tomorrow. Also constructed my first mini that i got last year… now have to find out if i can disassemble him for when i need to paint🙈

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      1. ♪go to sleep♪
        ♪go to sleep♪
        ♪Go to sleep little Davey♪
        ♪The buzzards and the flies♪
        ♪They pick at his eyes♪
        ♪And the little thing♪
        ♪hollers out mammie.♪

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