Amazing Adult Fantasy #8 – Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

Published: 1 January 1962
Publisher: Marvel
Pages: 26
Series: Amazing Adult Fantasy
Format Read: Digital copy on Marvel Unlimited App 


Everyone loves a ghost story! A swindler buys a castle so he can pass it off as a haunted house, but he might not need to create the ruse after all!


Continuing on my “The Early Years” read of Lee and Ditko’s starting point this read very much the same as the first book. Each story has a small set up and comes with a sort of punchline or afterthought like “be careful what you wish for”. I like the thought that Lee and Ditko attempted to pass of morals to readers of their comics, it speaks to me of integrity and the fact that they were trying to make the world a beter place. Art wise it is still the same as AAF#7, reme,ber that this was the early years and Ditko was still starting out. I have thought I saw some of the faces used in the previous comic, I guess Ditko used things he was comfortable in drawing at the time. Again, this was only 26 pages and contained 5 stories, ranging from ghosts, to alien visits to Earth and invasions. I enjoyed this and it was easy to get through. Perfect to accompany me with a very drab read I am currently busy with. AAF#8 got a 3 out of five for me on GR.

4 thoughts on “Amazing Adult Fantasy #8 – Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

      1. 60% in now, was hoping to finish it by the end of this weekend, but it is really dragging, on top of bad translation as well as grammar issues. Salty would have a field day, but I decided to finish this one myself….

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