Distraction Dinsdag – An Unboxing…


So, many comments came in after my A Few New Things… post. 45 comments in total, half of that being replies from me, but it inadvertently lead to me creating today’s post. As many of you know, I got myself a starter set to try learn how to play the Warhammer 40K table top. I have been itching for a few years to get into the miniatures side of things. See if I can still be creative in some way. I have been working on getting foto’s for today’s post since Sunday, they will not be very significant or awe inspiring, but I thought I could let you all in on what is inside the Recruit Edition Starter Set.

On the Back of the box it states the contents as:

64 Page Recruit Manual.
This will teach me not only how to play, but also how to start painting miniatures, as well as give some back ground on the units included with the set. Even though I know what the Primaris Space Marines should be, I have not read any books where they feature yet so I will just refer to them as the bigger brother of the Space Marines. There is a lot of the Necrons I know about, but I can probably learn some more. These are basically the Terminator robots with the 40K twist as well as have some form of Egyptian lore thrown into the mix.

Archeovault Terrain Piece
This is just a colorful box that keeps everything within the outer box neat and together, with the added bonus of being used in-game as a set piece. Saves me painting something horrible for the time being…

Two Reference Sheets.
These are for the two armies included in the box. I have no idea what they mean yet, still have a lot of reading to do, but I figure they are a summery of the rules of the mini’s that you command.

Play Mat
This is a double sided, poster sized mat that depicts the terrain that the battles will be waged upon. Again, saves me making terrain for now…

Two Range Rulers.
This will probably be used when moving around the battle field as well as attacking with guns I figure.

Space Marines Transfer Sheet.
… No idea, do I cut this out to glue on my mini’s, or is this just to give an idea of how to mark my Marines?

Space Marines Army
5 Assault Intercessors.
My seemingly very small Space Marine army…
Necron army
Going up against 10 Necron Warriors and 3 Canoptek Scarab swarms. Each Necron comes with a choice of two weapon loadouts as well as two heads per miniture, I will be using what the Manual states for the time being before trying out more advanced builds.

Royal Warden on the left, this is the Leader/Commander of the Necrons. On the right a Primaris Lieutenant for the Space Marines. So 6 Marines will be going up against 14 Necrons in total? That sounds like fair odds to me…
Bases for all the miniatures to stand on. 

10 Six sided Dice.
This is probably the most important part of the game. This will probably decide if units fire, what damage they deal or even if the shots fired hits home.  

The following two pictures are not included in the box, but I added them to show that I tried to put a figure together. Said figure is from the Getting Started with Warhammer book that I got earlier last year to start doing some reading up. I will be using this mini as a test subject seeing as I already broke a small piece of in the process of getting the body parts out of their frames. You will not see this in the picture, but the Bolter is actually holding up his left arm in stead of the other way around. I cut a little stupid when I took the main body out of it’s frame, taking the small piece that the arm is supposed to slot into with it. I am happy that that was the only mistake I made so far. My pair of side cutters should be coming in today. I promise to take more care with taking the models out. I do not want to spend more time fixing mistakes than it takes to put a figure together…

Test Subject Redacted:
Tester front
Tester Back
I have already sanded away the rough bits where the different components connected to the frames. These are obviously foto’s I took before I did that.

And there you have it folks. A Dave original Unboxing. Although I can’t say that this distraction took me away from reading. I can see it might do so as I start to actually learn more about the mechanics of the game. I you liked it as much as I had in putting it all together. I have just added a total of 2% in my WP pictures “storage space” even after trying to edit these fotos in paint to a more suitable size…

What do you guys think?


38 thoughts on “Distraction Dinsdag – An Unboxing…

  1. Looks like a nice good starter set.
    Nothing that could be classed as overwhelming or too much for a beginner which is nice to see.

    The only thing I can think of using Transfer sheets for are collecting in a large pile and storing in a cupboard!

    If you’re concerned about blog storage space then some alternative programs to good-old Paint are Fire-Alpaca and Gimp (Both of which are free)

    A quote attributed to someone else; “We shall be watching your career with great interest.”

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    1. Ill use my transfer sheet as a Heresy bookmark then😂. So i can better visualize the markings when described in the stories. I’ll have a look at the other apps for fotoworkings in future. Thank you for the kond words🙂. My clippers just came in so im starting Fallen Angels in a bit🤘🏻

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    2. the painting is going to be painful 😉

      you will need some tools like very fine brushes and maybe a headclamped magnifying glass.

      can’t wait for us to play this little brother…

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  2. Welcome to the miniature’s side the hobby mate! I tend to find it balances quite nicely with reading – working on miniatures gets me inspired to read about them, and reading about a faction will often inspire me to paint any models I have for them. Assembling miniatures can be a bit of a fiddle especially nowadays, it used to be that you could put together a lot of GW models “by eye” but now I find that if I don’t have the manual handy I start to make mistakes. Well done on repairing that marine though, these things happen to all of us but you didn’t let it flap you and you fixed him up nicely.

    Transfers can be tricky, I almost never use them myself, but some people do great things with them (mine tend to end up looking rubbish, hence why I don’t use them. There’s a knack to it I just don’t have).

    For pictures I tend to open mine up with MS Paint (nothing fancy or high tech here!) and reduce the size to something that fits nicely on my blog (so for me it’s 500 pixels but you might have to have a play around and see what works for you). Saves a hell of a lot of space, by my estimate it’ll be about a decade before my current storage starts to run out (and I have a plan for when that day arrives too!).

    Looking forwards to seeing what you do with these, I’ll pass on any tips and tricks I can and I’m sure plenty of others here will do likewise. And most importantly – enjoy! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the comments mate. Ill see what I’ll do about about the pictures. Im on my 22% out of 3gb mark and ive only been up and running for almost three years… might have to find something soon. Like i said in my comment to Jenn, I’ll probly be using my transfer for a book mark🙂.

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  3. Nice summary of the box. Looks good for learners and it actually cheaper (at least in the UK) than buying the Necron Warriors on their own!

    I have years worth of decals – I very rarely use them and only on flat surfaces. They already have adhesive on them as they are ‘waterslide’ transfers, you soak the backing paper (just cut round the shiny paper of the transfer and place it transfer side up on a wet sponge until the backing becomes wet, then slide it onto your model using a brush), and then swear for hours because it doesn’t go where you want it to!

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  4. That looks great! But the painting… good luck with that, it’s beyond my skills, but a well painted game like this – will be so much fun to play!

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    1. Ive had quite the learning experience with getting them out of the spruces and assembling. Maybe next tuesday i’ll have a progress report up, will see. Painting will be postponed for now till we know if we are ever going to be working again. We have just been let known that lockdown which was going to be till 19 Jan has been extended by another 3 weeks…

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      1. At least you get the chance to get them assembled and you can even try out a test game with them then (some people might consider that heresy, but not me)! I think it seems to be a common theme in constantly moving the end date for lockdowns, whatever country we’re living in!

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      2. Yeah. Just sucks as we have not heard if we will be aided by the government/our working place…

        My plan is to finish assembly tonight, and tomorrow see if i can learn the game. Dont mind too much about the heresy. The models look pretty great even un painted🙂

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  5. Nice post. I had no idea the mini’s came disassembled! I would have given up right then and there, so way to keep on going.

    As for the picture size, if you resize your pix to 600xWhatever, that should be high-res enough for people to look at. Even bumping it down to 900xWhatever would cut them in half.

    I use the ms resizer program. makes it a one click operation:

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    1. Thanks man! Yeah all the mini’s come in diff parts. You should see them all now that they are assembled tho, that only took me 7 hours😅. Ill try get another post up and running next Tuesday to showcase my progress, mabe even see if i can get that program to run on our already too full shared pc…

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  6. Yeah! Welcome to the club! So happy to see you getting to the miniatures side of things – I think it’s a terrific distraction in these times, I think you’re gonna have a lot of fun. Is Milou joining you with playing the game? I’m no expert, for sure, but let me know if you’d like any assistance 😃

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    1. Milou and her brother both kicked my ass on friday night, we were running the starter scenarios out. Milou seems to understand the rules deciding what numbers to roll for whom better than I do… that is scary. She and her brother took the necrons as I wanted to see how tough the space marines really are. Turns out the Emperor did not protect…

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      1. Haha! Sounds like a pretty standard first outing, then! In your defense, I’ve heard the new Necrons are pretty amazing rules-wise, though I’ve not had much luck with them myself in the few games I got to play before the more recent lockdown hit. Hopefully it hasn’t put you off collecting thousands of tiny plastic soldiers, though!! 😀

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  7. I was completely confused by this post at first. I didn’t realize that ye play games with these miniatures. I thought they get painted and sit on a shelf looking pretty! So these are collectables with a purpose. Seeing all of the pieces not put together alarmed me. I don’t think I have the skill for such things. Thanks for a fun unboxing where I learned something new. Arrrr!
    x The Captain

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    1. Ye can still teach an old sea dog new tricks ha! Yeah cap, the table top has been around longer than the books you see reviewed here on the blog. If i get round to it, i might have a post ready for coming Tuesday showing the assembled ranks🙂. Thanks for commenting

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