Metro 2035 – Dmitry Glukhovsky

Published: 1 December 2016
Publisher: Future Corp
Pages: 497
Series: Metro #3
Format Read: Physical


World War Three wiped out the humankind. The planet is empty now. Huge cities became dust and ashes. Railroads are being eaten by rust. Abandoned satellites hang lonely on the orbit. Radio is mute on all the frequencies.

The only survivors of the last war were those who made it into the gates of the Metro, the subway system of Moscow city. It’s there, hundreds of feet below the ground, in the vaults of what was constructed as the world’s largest air-raids shelter that people try to outlive the end of the days. It’s there that they created a new world for themselves. The stations of Metro became city-states, and its citizens, torn apart by religions and ideologies are fighting for the now scarce commodities: air, water, and space. This tiny underground world can only remind humans of an immense world they once were the masters of.

It’s been twenty years past Doomsday, and yet the survivors refuse to give up. The most stubborn of them keep cherishing a dream: when the radiation level from nuclear bombings subsides, they will be able to return to the surface and have the life their parents once had. But the most stubborn of the stubborn continues to search for other survivors in this huge emptiness that once was called Earth. His name is Artyom. He would give anything to lead his own people from the underground onto the surface.

And he will…


Uuuuuugh, where to begin??? I have had the same complaint shadowing me since the first Metro book, the translations for these original Russian written books were just not done well. Furthermore, the editing of this book was poorly done, did no one take the time to proofread the English versions before pressing print on the “revolutionary” books??? Seriously bad calls if you ask my opinion, but you didn’t did you? I will give it any way. Seeing as Metro 2034 was my first review for 2020, I wanted to try finish the series before the year ran out, but I did not get to do that, the reason for this being that apart from that the cover of 2035 looks pretty cool…

Metro 2035 SUCKS! Gone are the monsters that gave the first book some kind of a creepy vibe, gone are the supposed Dark Ones that followed our hero throughout the Metro in book 1 that had a psychic link to him. To be replaced by some political, wholesale view view throughout the whole book, that everything that I was led to believe in the first book and the second book(semi) was just one big ass LIE. Some people got the upper hand and decided to manipulate thousands of Russians into believing that world was bombed to shit and that the only survivors were those stuck in the Metro of Moscow. While parts of this revelation was kinda oke to read about I am pissed off that the author thought he was so clever in suiciding a better potential sci/fi thriller, that this book was supposed to be!, into one filled with more speculative politics that I just hard a hard time swallowing. Am I the only one that had this problem? Am I the only one that could not follow the actual thread of the story due to the shitty half assed job at editing? I would love to give an example, but it was so bad that the people reading this review might not believe me. I only recently saw what the author had to say about this book a few days before the English version was going to be released, I’ll quote him here for reference: “I know that METRO 2035 releases within a couple of days in English… And I wanted to warn my readers in US and UK… Metro 2035 is a very different book. Different from the 2033, from 2034. It’s a book about us, humans. The worst monsters are those inside us. So I decided not to distract you on other mutant-monsters. You won’t find any in Metro 2035. Metro 2035 is no fucking fairy tale. Get ready for a massacre. Yours, Dmitry Glukhovsky”…

Wow, just, Wow… Had I known this before, I would have never started the last book in the first place, but all of my Metro books were gifts from Milou and not reading them would have been seen as me being ungrateful towards her kindness. I have nothing but praise for the Metro games, that was somehow way, waaaay cooler than this crock of shit and I just can not understand how people could make such a great game from it. Even with the knowledge that Dmitry was one of those authors, very much like the the one who wrote Whitcher, to say that games did not tell good stories, yet later, when the games made more money than the books, could not help but go back and ask for more money, even after the rights were already sold to the companies. Fuck off mate, you do not know what you were talking about.

I do not even know if I want to talk about certain aspects of the story within 2035, it was painful to get through. So painful, so much in fact that that I considered DNF’ng it, but I was already over the 60% mark by then. No I had to see it through only to be able to give this book the review it desperately needs, as many people on GR have nothing but glittery reviews to write. My review on there already states: “To quote this book, “fuck this shit with a barge pole!”, yeah, my friends, sorry to say, it was that bad. I had high hopes for this one, but it got obliterated and my hopes were as crushed as those people stuck down there in the Metro, so many great things could have been done with the lore that every station had it’s own mindset, but no, we will brainwash the People into believing that they are free to do what they feel like. Stay away from this one, unless you are really curious as to where the games originated from, but sticking with playing the game is a much safer bet in my opinion. 2 out of 5 on GR.

At least there was some nice artwork to look at at the start of every chapter.

7 thoughts on “Metro 2035 – Dmitry Glukhovsky

  1. I think I said something similar to Bookstooge the other day on one of his reviews, there’s nothing worse when a descent series ends poorly.
    Sorry that this book turned out to be such a horrible disappointment for you – I was always interested in this series (and the games) but I’ll make sure to avoid the books if they end so badly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Play the games if you get a chance Jenn. I still love the first two installments. Book wise all tree of them were pretty shitty with the translations. First book was a three star at least. At least i do not have this one dragging my concentration away from Thousand Sons🙂


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