Net Galley Presents: Deacon of Wounds

So I said I was going to hold of from requesting titles of off Net Galley, buuut they posted one book about two days ago that I really want to check out as it is another Warhammer Horror entry. I am currently reading Sepulturum alongside the Horus Heresy 1000 Sons novel, switching it up a bit as my attention span is drastically wavering from time to time. I also did a NG review for The Flutist of Arnhem which I feel justifies my outlook of “one book finished, deserves another book requested”… Long story short, I now own another advanced Arc which I am exited to get to whenever I get to it.

What is Deacon of Wounds about? Net Galley has this to say in their description:

Deacon of wounds

Spine-chilling Warhammer Horror novel set in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe.

The planet of Theotokos is dying of thirst. For years, Arch-Deacon Ambrose has done everything in his power to help the people. Charismatic, virtuous, pious, he is as beloved as the corrupt Cardinal Lorenz, who hoards the water reserves beneath the Ecclesiarchal Palace, is feared. When Lorenz dies, Ambrose’s moment has arrived. As good as his intentions are, he is also proud. He will be the saviour Theotokos needs, and bring the relief of water to the suffering. But there is something worse than drought to come. Lorenz’s death unleashes a terrible plague, soon to be known as the Grey Tears. As Ambrose struggles to save Theotokos from the Grey Tears, the unnatural nature of the plague becomes clearer and clearer, and he is driven to more and more extreme measures. He fears malign forces lurk behind the Grey Tears. The truth is worse than his most awful imaginings.

Sounds great does it not? I am sure the Horror novels can be read as stand alones, but having some background knowledge to what 40K is will probably help. There is always google to help bring one up to speed on most things. I still use it from time to time to look up a certain event or happening from time to time…

5 thoughts on “Net Galley Presents: Deacon of Wounds

  1. I couldn’t resist requesting it either, haha!
    I finished one on my NetGalley list so figured I was allowed to request another.
    Having said that I don’t tend to have a bit reading list on NG just… everywhere else!

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