Amazing Adult Fantasy #9 – Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

Published: 1 February 1961
Publisher: Marvel
Pages: 26
Series: Amazing Adult Fantasy #9
Format Read: Digital Copy


These adult fantasy graphic novels contain stories about horror, terror and adventure.


Not a lot to say about this short comic strip. Each “story” is about 3 pages long. Ranging from a monster wreaking havoc on some world and turning out to be a kid’s toy, a evil man with a plan to extort a haunted house, only to be turned into a ghost himself, things like that, that had some form of moral value connected to it. For the time it was forward thinking and I can just imagine how kids and adults alike could have enjoyed this back in the day. Can’t say I was horrified, terrorized, but I had quite the adventure while going through the stories. AAF#9 got a 3 out of 5 from me on GR. I am hoping I can get some more comics in this month as my reviews have been lacking behind a bit and Jenn and I seem to be struggling a bit getting through book 14 in the HH series. 

Hope you are all doing well.

10 thoughts on “Amazing Adult Fantasy #9 – Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

  1. I feel like evil scientists are still trying to figure out ways to make things in these off-beat comics come true . . .glad it worked well enough to read. 😁

    These came out after the comics code came out in the 50s after all the kids started misbehaving after reading grim hoodlum stories that had no moral benefit. THAT’s why you are seeing the morality, here.

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      1. Yeah, I got a review on a book on my blog about all the stuff that happened when they started releasing horror comics with no morals. It turned into like a national emergency. I’m glad you get to enjoy! If you wish to expand your horizons and for contrast, I’d check out some of the 50s horror comics, before the comics code. This could get you off on the right foot ( here’s to unasked for advice from me, LOL 😛 ):

        I think most of those are in public domain, the question is are they out there for free digitally anywhere? Me, I have no idea.

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      1. Going steady man. But my wife and i are so far down the “priority” list that we should prob only be getting it around march middle of july? No one knows so far as i know

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