Addressing a Small Error…

In last week’s post A new Series Starts Here… I stated that Milou traded in my Metro series for a Gene Wolfe book, I was in error of saying so as Milou merely walked on that trip and picked a book out for me. Later in the week she went for another walk and actually traded that series in for a new book…

I do not know if any one knows of this film, I never saw it when it came out around 1995, but I have known of it’s existence as any teen around that time. I was 10 when this came out so I was never allowed to watch it and I never sought it out really after that. But Milou brought the book with her last year and it is in Dutch as well  so I will be giving it a read some time hopefully soon.

While Good Reads does not have a lot to say about the book, which is weird as recently their book descriptions have spoiled many a book for me, I will still add it here:

A genetically engineered creature that can assume any form, including human, and possesses a ruthless, deadly cunning, matches wits with the scientists who developed it as its seeks to both escape and eliminate its creators. Movie tie-in.

On the back of the book I now have it is stated that the world would end by 2012, lucky for us that has not happened, but I do recall the world losing a little bit of it’s shit from around the early 2000’s and onward. At least if it would end now I have rectified the lie I told you all last week, I can now die with a clear conscience.

Anyone ever read? watched this?

15 thoughts on “Addressing a Small Error…

  1. I’m in the same boat as you. The movie was always in my sphere of knowledge and interested me -because she looks very Xenomprh-esque in design – but was never allowed to watch it and then it fell off the radar.
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book version.

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  2. I’ve watched several in the franchise. Unfortunately, I found them to be “B” list movies at best and I think the last couple might have been direct to video (which usually tells what kind of “quality” you’re getting)

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  3. I saw that back when it came out – at the cinema no less. Giger was the artist behind the designs (which was why I went along). I recall the movie being okay at best, and as Bormgans suggests, I doubt it’s aged well. Maybe it’s now so bad it’s good and can be enjoyed ironically? 😀

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