February 2021 Recap

So I almost missed doing a recap post today as I thought there were more days left in February. Lock Down does that to a person I guess. We are now on month 2, going on 3 in lock down as numbers on our side are not on a manageable scale. We also have the South African, British and Brazilian strain that have crossed over and have been running rampant. In February and especially yesterday I had a but of an emotional upheaval as I just feel so useless and unmotivated as I have had all this time on my hands, yet I have nothing to show for it. I guess the fact that I am still alive is a good cause to celebrate and that Milou has not killed me is a good sign that if we can survive this shit, we are set for life on any other challenges we might face in future which I take as a win above all else.

On a personal not, February saw the zoo open it’s gates for the personnel to go do a walk about on Wednesdays. This was a nice gesture as it gave us some exercise as well as give us time to see how some of the animals are coping. To them things are normal as the caretakers still work everyday as if things are normal. Milou also celebrated the fact that she has been working at the zoo for the last 10 years now so we made a day of it.
February also saw us getting some snow. I am more used to it now, but there is something very chilling about it for me still, no pun intended. It is funny to think that three weeks ago I was wearing boots and thick clothing and now that Spring is coming closer we had some warm days where I was seen wearing shorts… Weird times we live in…

I thought that my blog did not do too great and that I was absent for a lot of it, but if one takes the sizes of the books I got through, it is understandable that I did not have that many reviews go up. I know I missed out on a whole week of blogging, but there was nothing to blog about and I am not one that wants attention when I am feeling down, I much rather just step away and keep to myself these days. Anyway, let’s take a look at what you might’ve missed out on in this short month that felt like a year in itself.

Book Reviews:

Two books were over the 500 page mark and to have finished them both in this short month makes me happy. Then again I dragged behind a bit with A Thousand Sons as Jenn and I had started it around the 20th of January… Still four book reviews for the month more than satisfies me personally and all of them physical copies…

Warhammer-40000-Legends-Collection-18-A-Thousand-SonsA Thousand Sons – Graham McNeill
February started with a 5 out of 5 review with a lot of pictures. There is so much I wanted to say about this book, but not taking notes for most part of the 569 pages made me forget a lot. I will look back fondly at this one though it was a great book and could also be a beter start to the Heresy series than the initial 3 that Black Library recommends as must read. One could read this and then the first three and be all the more richer in the setup of things. Just a great book in general.

SepulturumSepulturum – Nick Kyme
Sepulturum is a book I got from Net Galley last year February so I thought it fitting I should give it a go this year. I was glad I did as I had quite a lot of fun going through it. I admit that this might not be for everyone, but as horror entry in the Black Library range it was a good fit.Also that cover is eerie and cool looking.

AA#9Amazing Adult Fantasy #9 – Stan Lee, Steve Ditko
At the start of Feb I said I wanted to read more comics but I never read more, I actually only started on number ten last night as I did not feel like heavy reading at all. This continues on all stand alone comics Lee and Ditko pushed out before Marvel was ever a thing. Still interesting enough for me to continue. I have six more issues of 26 pages to go through to where they changed things up a bit. Let’s see if March will see me do more of these reviews,.

NemesisNemesis – James Swallow
Unlucky number 13 for bot me and Jenn. This book had a lot of potential but decided on things other than what the blurp on the back stipulated. Our first angry Banner was used for this review. No Salty McDave review, but it couldve easily turned into one if I was up locating where the little blighter went into hiding…

Metal Monday:

I skipped a whole week of blogging as I have said before, so I only got three songs up this past month.

Seether- Bruised and Bloodied
Agalloch – Falling Snow
Gojira – Born for One Thing

New Books:

I got two books for free from a neighborhood library where you can take out for free and even exchange with your own books.

gene wolf knightSpecies_Novel

A new Series Starts Here…
Addressing a Small Error…

That was my February all neatly summed up. We are hoping to be allowed to go back to work on 15 March, but the hopes are not too high. 13 March will be month number three in lock down as Milou and I have not been working since 13 December. We are still oke, but I must confess I am getting a little bit stressed over the future ahead.

I hope March will be kinder to us all. Have a good day.

22 thoughts on “February 2021 Recap

  1. Lovely pics mate 🙂 this is a very emotionally exhausting time, no doubt. It’s not much, but I would offer some advice a buddy gave to me, which was to try not judge yourself based on productivity. In 2020 I was driving myself insane because I thought I wasn’t doing “enough” with all this time, but it’s more important to continue getting exercise, fresh air and eating and drinking as normal. I hope that this will be the end times of this virus though and we can revert back to as we were before.

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  2. Sounds like February was a rough month for everybody. What’s ironic is that you and both seem to be suffering the same affects but from totally different ends (you with no work and me with too much). Doesn’t life just suck that way sometimes?

    Wish I had some cheery words to help buck you up, but I think we just gotta slog on through…

    Happy slogging?

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    1. Oh, they are, great you could see the animals, the polar bear is also neat, I guess that’s someone who enjoyed the wintery weather 🙂

      February is over, hopefully March will be a good one!

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  3. Hang in there buddy – you’re both still alive, as you say, which is the main thing to remember. We’re still here reading, as well – even if you didn’t rate Nemesis so highly 🤣 Seriously though, one day at a time. We’ll laugh about this one day…

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