Metal Monday – Lake of Tears – At the Destination

Welcome to March everyone. I have quite a good song I would like to share today. This band popped onto my Youtube recommends list last week and I have been stuck listening to it from start to finish for this past week. It is that good. Lake of Tears is a band hailing from Sweden and if there is one thing the Swedes are known for it is the quality of metal they produce. While today’s song is so not like the things I would normally listen too, this album hit me right in the feels. At the Destination is the first song on the album Ominous that was released on 19 February 2021. I am grateful to Youtube for recomending this to me. If you like your 80’s synth with some added Dark Wave sprinkled over a whole album that has a very Sci Fi feel to it, you are in for a treat. Clear vocals all the way although on some tracks a bit distorted, sounding like it comes from P.A system that has fallen into disrepair. I love it. I love the whole feel to it all. It makes me think of what David Bowie might have sounded like if he would have turned into a metal musician. Then again he brought out that song Blak Star that I absolutely love. What I also noticed is that there is a very distinct sound I always assossiate with Peter Tägteren of Pain, Hypocrisy, Lindeman fame on the opening track that just made it extra special for me especially when that chorus part kicks in. The album art is great as well. Very Ominous in deed.

Enjoy this one every one. I am including a lyrical music video so there will be no lyrics added after the video.

7 thoughts on “Metal Monday – Lake of Tears – At the Destination

  1. Will do, that was really good! Yea we have some great metal bands around here, I dont know why but I guess it is our sense of anxiety and darkness that makes it…its weird in a sense.

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