WeWo – Three Years

It has been four years
since I bent the knee.
Body shaking, vocal cords straining as I tried holding back tears.
No one within miles to see.
In the middle of nowhere a token
in the middle of a book
overlooking the sea near a fence that was broken.
You took a look.

The affirmation washing over me
the balm to ease my stress.
At that broken fence overlooking the sea.

Yesterday, year three.
Three years of you 
“legally” loving me.
Three of the eight.
Three years of us making it through.
Difficult times we have faced.

Amidst all that is still going on.
We are closer than we will ever be.
We are strong
I can face it all knowing you are next to me.

Happy Anniversary


For those of you that have been following for a while now. Yesterday saw Milou and me being married for three years. The picture above is the cheesecake we made ourselves for our special day. Milou combined both a line from Star Wars and Harry Potter as our cake decoration as well as a reading couple on a bench as opposed to the conventional “married couple” that adorn your standard Wedding cakes. It fit our personalities then and it is still relevant even today. There is not a lot that can compare to having your other half in the same room reading together. While I know Milou reads a hell of a lot more than I do I am not phased. I love it.

Because I was not home yesterday and because I could not prepare this post before hand, I thought I could try make a Wednesday Wordsday out of it. I am happy with the poem that just came to the fore as I sat down to write it. Totally spontaneous. As an added extra, for those that were not around at the time it all went down, I have also thought about sharing the three most important posts I have ever done on my blog related to our wedding. First the announcement, then a show of of the ring and our day in a short summary. Just for those interested in reading some personal old history…

We are going to get Married!
Lordess of The Rings…
That time I went into a room and came out a husband…

Heres to many more years with this beautiful woman. 

26 thoughts on “WeWo – Three Years

  1. Congratulations!! Three years and counting, nice. As someone planning a wedding this summer, I’m moved by success stories like yours 🙂

    Oh, and I love the cakes!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep, that’s the plan, unless the restrictions will be too severe… but summer should be better, and all the senior family members should be vaccinated by then. It’s likely not to be too big, as COVID is sure to scare some people off…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, yes! I love cheesecake, we have an ancient family recipe, but it’s pretty time consuming, and we only do that for Christmas and Easter, so I’m happy to try different ones every now and then 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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