April 2021 Reading Plans

Just a small post to look at what you all can expect to see on the reviews front, if I manage to read anything this month. I just got of from my fourth shift at the new job and I am feeling a bit fragile and broken and sore in places I have never known I places of… I am setting my goal for 4 books this month, but if I dont get that high on the reading front I will be oke with it as well, the most important goal at the moment is getting paid so I can take care of some bills. Here are what you can expect to see this month:

burning White
The last book in the Lightbringer series. Milou got this with one of her Audible credits which, if I am allowed to, I can listen to at work as soon as I know all the ins and outs. I am burning to see how this series that have both baffled and astounded me so far will come to a close.

History of video games
I am nearly done with this audio book. Its a summary of events that led up to what Gaming is today. Interesting things. Things I know, others I never really thought about. If you are a gamer or interested in the history behind it all, this is a good one to listen too.

Book 15 in the Horus Heresy, it will probably see The Space Wolves chomping at the heels of The Thousand Sons on their home world Prospero. Exited to get reading on this, but we are still waiting on it to arrive in the mail, as Milou managed to snag me copy of E bay that fits with my Warhammer 40K Legends collection:
interested to see where it will fit in… As I have not completed one of the figures on the spines yet.

Deacon of wounds
I have started with this Net Galley title, but will have to start at the beginning as I have already forgotten what happened… Warhammer Novels have kept me entertained so far, let us hope this one will be good too.

These are what you can expect to see on the blog, if I have arms left after my shifts. I’ll also be trying to get to those comics I never ended up reading that I mentioned in last months reading plans.

I want to take this time just to say happy Easter to everyone. Where ever you are, just keep safe and enjoy if you are fortunate enough to visit family.

24 thoughts on “April 2021 Reading Plans

  1. As always, looking forward to reading your thoughts on these.
    It’ll be interesting to see what you think of Deacon of Wounds as I’ve actually read that one too!

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    1. Thank you Jenn. I only just saw you mailed me with the banner for the review. Im am still doing a thoughts to paper review before i get behind a desk. So far have a few great additions I think I can stand still at without giving too much spoilers away. Im going to start Deacon now as we are leaving to see the in laws for Easter.


  2. Happy Easter to you and Milou and family as well. We had my dad over today for a BBQ for the first time in over a year. Even with restrictions being lowered here several times, Marouda and I both work in the kind of workplaces where there have been outbreaks (my work was shut down because of a case just before the first of the major lockdowns we had last year) so I’ve been erring on the side of caution to just have him over for a BBQ.
    Good luck with the new job and the reading goals as well mate! 🙂

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    1. Hey Azazel. Thanks for the well wishes. We have not seen Milou’s parents since christmas. They are both people that get into contact with other people so we take all precautions we can. Milou’s dad is a dentist and her mom a psychologist. Just happy that none of us have been caught by the virus so far, touch wood. I have not seen my mom or any family since february last year so I can imagine how good it mustve felt to see your dad again even if for a short while.

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      1. Yeah, it’s much rougher for both of you then for us since we have it (mostly) under control here while it’s not so good elsewhere. My wife has seen him pretty regularly as she helps him with his (endless) medical issues a lot, and I’ve seen him a few times myself, but we’ve always kept up the masks, no eating and drinking, etc since around Christmas at his sister’s. (And then we had an outbreak right afterwards)
        Just when we were about to relax earlier in the year we had another outbreak and snap lockdown, so it’s taken until now, but yeah, it’s been a year since we had him to our place. Just extra caution because of our jobs, but that’s what it takes since we’ve already had one death in the family from covid, and I’m sure he’d be the second if he got it due to preexisitng issues…
        Hm. That got dark.
        So.. uh.. Happy Easter!

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  3. The History of Video Games sounds interesting, but since it looks like an Audible exclusive I may have to just rely on your thoughts on it. I cancelled my Audible membership a while ago, since I just haven’t been listening to audiobooks now that I don’t have a commute due to COVID. I wonder if I’ll start listening to them again when I eventually have to go back into the office?

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