A Little Late Valentine´s Gift…

Valentine´s has already been nearly two months ago. But that does not mean we cannot celebrate it later does it? Milou originally got me a gift for Valentines, but found out too late that I had already had a copy of the novel he got. Does not mean I love her less. The fact that she went out of her way to get it in the first place bearing in mind the times we are living andthe financial insecurities we had it was an amazing surprize. 

bloodof asaheim
Those of you that follow my blog will know I have a bit of a weak spot for nearly everything connected to Warhammer. I have been collecting any sort of novel for the last 7 or so years and while my own little personal Black Library shelves are not exactly bursting at the connecting boards, I am happy with what I have. Not even counting in the 25 or so books still in digital format I still have to get through thanks to Net Galley. While I have no idea what Blood of Asaheim is about, I do know it was mentioned in the Thousand Sons novel that I had high praises for. While I believe this to be a bit of added history of the rivalry between The 1000 Sons and Space Wolves, I am not sure it is about that at all, but I am exited to still get to this one. Blood of Asaheim is the book I already had on my shelf and I like that I have a copy of it. I could maybe do a give away some time or send it to some one who needs it to finish their collection of the Hachette Part Works collection. I only have a few books in this collection and do not see me ever completing it as they do not ship out to The Netherlands. What Milou did find though is Ebay… Ebay is anew place for me personally as I have never used it. Milou managed to find another novel that I do not own in above mentioned Part Works that I will be getting to very soon as it is the next novel in the Horus Heresy.

Prospero Burns follows on the Thousand Sons novel and will also feature the Space Wolves. While I am not in love with the idea that the Wolves are on a rampaging collision course towards the Thousand Sons’ home world, I am eager to see how it plays out. 

Jut want to say thanks to my lovely wife again for being as amazing as she is. I love you, yeah, I know you know, always.

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