Help a Brother Out?

While I am not one one that does this kind of thing normally I come today to ask 5 minutes of your time. Knowing how busy everyone is and regarding the corona times we are all living in I also understand it may be a lot to ask, but even one share can help maybe…

My youngest brother who works on the Disney cruise liners has been stuck on land since the pandemic hit last year. Albert has been looking for work while waiting things out back in S.A and till now has not been successful in his endeavours so far, but there is good news. He has been approved to come study here in The Netherlands if all can be taken care of. He has to prove that he will be able to look after himself financially and for that he needs a BIT of money still. ALbert has started up a Go Fund me Page where, people who can, can donate a few sents or dollars towards his dreams that he wants to pursue. Now, I know the times we live in are tough so I ask, if any of you out there can help, it would be a big help. Please share his link as even one share will already be a bigger help. I just wanted to try help him through my blog as my Facebook is not as active as it used to be and I have not a lot of friends on there anymore.

I thank you for your time.


Albert’s G.F.M page for those interested in learning more about my brother’s dream to learn more:

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