Distraction Dinsdag – A New Introduction

I posted my first Distraction Dinsdag two years ago and have done about nine posts in total, ranging from getting married, rescuing a stray cat (we still miss you Lip! – a.k.a Morris), general life stuff as well as some mobile gaming I have been into. As I have said in a not too recent post, I have been playing with the idea of lightly treading into doing reviews for games I have completeted. So far there are quite a lot that I have completed and some I am even giving a re-play as I formulate what I want to say around them. These games are mainly on the Playstation 3 that I borrowed from my brother in law and have not had the hart to give back, also Corona happened and we do not see the guy that often… I have not started work on any of the gaming posts I want to try out, but will be sure to do them as I get time. 

Now to some of the rules I will be setting for myself when doing these posts:

  1. Have Fun – Speaks for itself I believe, soon as I feel that blogging becomes a chore (or WP decides to roll out another shitty editor) I will stop for a while. 
  2. Keep it Simple – I am no professional book or game reviewer so you can expect me to make a lot of mistakes as I go along. I am not going to go into the technical jargon many a PC pro can go into when they boot up their speeches, no, I will be writing these in my own way in a way I feel comfortable with. 
  3. Not too many Foto’s Please – While I would love to record my gaming in some way, I do not possess the financial faculties nor the technological know how in doing so yet. Pictures I will include will most probably be limited to the Game’s box art same as I do with my book reviews and if there was something funny that happened and I managed to take a picture of it, I will add those too. I see that my pictures for my special Warhammer novels tend to easily take up a lot of storage on my limited space I have here on WP, so I will be keeping things to a minimum.
  4. Do not get too carried away – While this is easier said than done, I do tend to loose track of time when immersed in my gaming. I will try space things out so that I can focus better on other more important things as well, like Milou, my number 1 priority.
  5. Maybe take on a request from a follower? – If anyone knows of a game they should like me to try out, please do not hesitate to contact me or drop a comment. If it is within budget and available in our country I can have a look at it. For the time being games will be limited too PS3 and what I can play on my mobile phone. If I get an upgrade some day you all will be the first to know about it…
  6. Don’t make too many rules, you’re going to forget some of them anyway – True, I’ll stop myself here then…

Now, let me show you my little game set up for the PS 3…

We recently got quite a big TV from Milou’s dad as they relocated to a different town and were not going to be needing it. The Table the TV is on was from Milou’s mom for the same reasons. This is set up in our library as that was the only space where there was still place to have anything. While we can still fit in one more bookshelf some day, that day seems might be a bit far of, seeing as the way the world went topsy turvey. We can now also connect the laptop to the TV when we feel like a movie which is pretty cool as I am thinkong on doing some book to movie adaptations as I go along (baby steps…)

Now that you have the updated Distaction Dinsdag, why not have a look at previous posts on this theme? You can follow the link that should take you to my D.D dropdown menu if I managed to get it working right:

Distraction Dinsdag

I am exited to start a review for a game already!

13 thoughts on “Distraction Dinsdag – A New Introduction

    1. Guess the main 1 is to just have fun with it🙂. Thought it funny to include my first post on this where you asked if i ever considered doing game reviews, how far Ive come…

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