May 2021 – Recap

Phew, May is already passed and I feel like my blog particularly stank in the content department, but then I just looked back and saw I did quite a lot of posts in the first week or two of the month, before going semi cold turkey. Five book reviews went up while I completed 7 in total, one I have been particularly struggling with I finished a few days ago and have not had the time to sit down and collect my thoughts on it. May might be the first month where I did not do a review of a Warhammer book, which is exactly the book I was just talking about in the previous sentence. May was also a weird month as I read books way out of my comfort zone and ended liking that more than said WH novel, oy vei… This month also also saw the zoo’s open but seeing as I have more certainty at my new job of working monday through to Friday, I am limiting my working at the zoo for only weekends. It’s been hard working at both locations and trying to settle into things getting normal, but I hope that by end July things will find some form of groove again. I want to state here that I am sorry for being absent from everyone else’s blogs and that my likes and comments have been absent. I will try rectify that in the coming month if it is possible. Before I make any more promises that I can’t keep, let us take a look at my month in Blogging…


Like previously stated, I read seven books in May, I’ll get to reviewing the two I did not manage to do shortly. I finished only one book on my Reading Plans post which is a bit of a shame, but I am still content with how I did book wise. In May I also reached my Reading Goal for the year which is a great achievement for me. I set out to read 30 books 2021 and I am 32 already. Happy with this result and seeing as we are now exactly halfway through the year I want to go for another attempt of doubling my goal. It seems easy to do with the way I have been able to read books while doing physical labour at my new job. We will see…

Pied PiperThe Pied Piper – Harold Schechter
This was my first shocker for May, I thought I was going to read the children’s classic, but ended up learning about a serail killer that got his name not only based of off the kids novel, but a song that caught people’s attention during the late sixties. Pleasant surprise for me regardless.

Dead Jack Dead Jack and the Pandemonium Device – James Aquilone
Another “blind” read, it was free on Audible and I rather liked it. I picked this up as I am very interested in trying out the Skulduggery Pleasant novels some time. This felt along those lines and also reminded me a lot of Wormwood that I enjoyed quite a lot.

MorteMort(e) – Robert Repino
Mort was a bit of a weird one, but as I have said May was weird so it fit right in with the other books I finished before picking this out. Animals gaining sentience thanks to ants taking up arms against the human race. At times a bit preachy and very grim dark, but I got through it oke enough to be interested in picking up the sequel some time soon.

Now NowApocalypse Now Now – Charlie Human
Salty snuck in to do a review of a book I had no time with as I was struggling with a different novel. He seemed to have liked it a lot. Supernatural Fantasy set in Cape Town South Africa, including some myths and legends I grew up learning of sounds like it was a good read, baring in mind that a kid makes money in school by selling downloaded porn was part of the story…

PrestigeThe Prestige – Christopher Priest
Having seen the movie I knew more or less what the book was going to about, only to be surprised with what I got. A mix of Frankenstein, Lovecraft and Dracula, but wholly it’s own monster… Really liked this one and I am still a bit pissed off that Hollywood did not stay closer to the book’s material.

Metal Monday:

My Metal Mondays where as random as the books I read this month. I started with the sixties song for the Pied Piper book that lead to the Serail Killer’s nick name and then three songs that were a big help in getting me through the last part of the Warhammer book I was struggling with as well as a fellow South African making a living here in The Netherlands. All good numbers for me personally.

Ophiuchi – Katabasis
The Pied Piper – Crispian St. Peters
Sephiroth – Wolf Tribes
Tribulation – Hour of the Wolf
Septic Flesh – Portrait of a Headless Man

Other Blog Related Posts:

Not a lot going on here. May is the month my little brother has his birthday. A day after his birthday one of my Uncles turned 60 and my family over seas held quite a big party for him. Little brother did start a a go fund me to try realize his dream to come study in the Netherlands. Sadly the dream has not come to light and we will try look at something else for him. May also saw me announce that I will be looking at doing game reviews/blogs some time in the future. I have not had time to sit down and write up my first post yet, but will jump on it soon as I can.

Help a Brother Out?
Distraction Dinsdag – A New Introduction

That was May all summed up into a short post. Like I mentioned it has all been a bit hectic dealing with reajusting to things going back to semi normal. I hope that June will be kind, but I already see a few things happening that I am exited for. Milou will be celebrating her birthday and we might be rescuing a cat soon. Interesting stuff! Watch this space…

Till next time everyone

11 thoughts on “May 2021 – Recap

  1. A cat, heh? Nice. I noticed that quite a few animals appeared around, several couples we know decided to enlarge their households that way, I suspect lockdowns are partially to blame, although they mostly claim they planned that anyway 😉
    I have a tortoise, and that’s enough for me, that’s a long-living creature, with me since 1994…

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  2. Feel like my posting/blog activity was less than regular, too. Most of my posts were already pre-written and scheduled. Just felt zero motivation.

    Maybe May just has that effect on some of us 😂

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  3. Hopefully, as you get used to the jobs you’ll be feeling the reading & blogging groove again.
    And, hopefully the next HH book won’t be as bad as this last one was!!

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