June 2021 Reading Plans

A short post today. Seeing as I only finished one book from my Reading Plans last month, I will be recycling that exact list and add a few too it… June is season month here by us and in between switching from one job to the other is turning into a bit of a tricky situation. Therefore I will not be putting too much stress on myself seeing as I have already reached my reading goal for the year. We will see how it goes…

Currently Reading:

Alien infiltrator
A prequel novel set before the Aliens:Fireteam game that is set to release September this year. I have only read the first chapter and can say that I am already liking it. Hope it keeps it up. This novel and the game are also said to be a sequel to the original Aliens trilogy which I love. Not sure about the Alien on the cover yet, but I still have to meet it in the novel.

Book 2 in the War with No Name series. I just stated this yesterday at work so it is still too early to tell if I like it or not. I found Mort(e) to be a bit of a mixed bag, but was intrigued enough to see what book two would be like. It was free on Audible, so there is that bonus at least.

While I have already finished A.A.F #10, I am currently making my way through 11 – 14. I will be doing a review on these books all together as they are but 26 pages long each. Comics from the 60’s before Stan Lee was a household name and before Marvel was even a thing. I am still having fun so far.

Age of Darkness
Age of Darkness is book 16 in the Horus Heresy series. While I am still to sit down and go of on an expletive filled rant for the abomination that was book 15, I am looking forward to continue the read along with Jenn. Age of Darkness is a compilation of 9 short stories. I gave the last short story collection a higher rating than book 15 will be gettin, hope that 16 will at least be better for me…

Day Zero
I am still hoping that Ola got approved for this novel as I have said I will hold of from reading this and do a buddy read with her perhaps. I have seen that fellow blogger Mogsy has started it and I am eager to hear her take on it. We seem to like quite a lot of books. Ola when you see this let me know if you heard anything yet? No pressure, got a lot to get through before starting this one.

If there is any time left this month, then I will try knock of another Net Galley book. Day Zero and Aliens Infiltrator are both NG approved books so I’ll be happy if I can get through them.

That is what you can expect to see on Wordaholicanonymous this month. I hope your June will be equally productive.

Have a great day.

9 thoughts on “June 2021 Reading Plans

  1. I’ll be reading another Malazan Book, nr 4. And one of Asimov’s Foundation novels. Other than that, there’s a chance that I will start a new job so these are exciting times. Happy June

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    1. Thanks Jeroen. I am working at an up and coming magazijn here in Veenendaal now. Still working weekends at the zoo in Rhenen till end July. Good luck on the Malazan. Those books a behemoths from what i know

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      1. Been working there since 2018 since i relocated to the Netherlands, but my contract expires end july. So had to find other work as well during lockdown. My work was in the cleaning department as well as washing of the visitors side of the enclosures

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