Mysterious Island – Jules Verne

Mysterious Island
Published: 1865
Publisher: I am not sure…
Pages: 723
Series: Captain Nemo # 2
Format Read: Audible
Duration: 19h 13mins


After hijacking a balloon from a Confederate camp, a band of five northern prisoners escapes the American Civil War. Seven thousand miles later, they drop from the clouds onto an uncharted volcanic island in the Pacific. Through teamwork, scientific knowledge, engineering, and perseverance, they endeavour to build a colony from scratch. But this island of abundant resources has its secrets. The castaways discover they are not alone. A shadowy, yet familiar, agent of their unfathomable fate is watching.

What unfolds in Jules Verne’s imaginative marvel is both an enthralling mystery and the ultimate in survivalist adventures.


Wow, a book nearly 200 years old just blew me out of the park. Jules Verne could write, there is no denying that. Said to be one of the founders of Science Fiction, I do not know if it is for the genre or for it being the fact that what he wrote about was actually scientifically plausable. Mysterious Island will be on my list of books I would not mind being lost on a remote island with. It contained problems that humans faced and thanks too the majetic brains of a certain individual all problems could be fixed with some form of scientific process. It is a story that not only captivates from the start to finish, but could potentially save one’s life when stranded in the middle of nowhere. I loved this novel for that.

Was it not for the fact that I was read this while at work, I would have taken notes on the who’s who and which character did what, but I did not. All I can say is that for a book this old too have so many well fleshed out characters goes beyond my imagination. Verne knew exactly who to put on that island and how to create both believable problems and solutions to the many situations one might find one’s self in. From how to tell what the time is, how to work out latitudes and longitudes, hunting and gathering by way of traps to making weapons, clothes, shelter and keeping healthy with all the products nature can provide. If Jules was to write a novel like this today, he would surely be laughed at as human kind has probably already screwed up all the islands that there were to be discovered and raped those lands for their resources. It is a sad way of thinking this way, but that is just the way my mind work.

I can see the impact this novel could have had on youg boys and girls if this was part of literature back in schools. Times where phones and tv’s were not a thing yet. I can imagine a group of pupils just going into a forest and trying to reconstruct scenes from this novel. Even try out some of the methods used to create there own living spaces. Hell I even wanted to be a kid again and be retaught how the different Elements work with one another. If there is one thing this novel proved its that science can make for interesting reading and is very crucial to everyday life. I love Mysterious Island for that fact.

One part that was not that mysterious for me and that was by no way spoiled because of knowing about the fact that this book is said to be nuber 2 in the Captian Nemo series. While he never features till very late in the story, I almost always thought that certain things that happened was because of him. One great part of this part of the story is that this is a very different Nemo than the bitter one we got to meet in 20000 Leagues under the Sea. There is also one among the survivors that read that novel and it was a great way to give a nod to Verne’s previous book.m This book surprized and awed me from start to finish. Not once was I distracted from anything that happened as it happened. I felt myself part of the company that was there on the Island. I love it when a book does that to me.

I gave Mysterious Island a 5 out out of 5 on GR. I also stated there that I would have no problem taking this book with me if ever I got stranded on an Island one day. This book could most definitely save a life in my eyes. Jules did a great job of putting this book together. I can highly recommend giving it a read if ever you were interested in the “classics”.

14 thoughts on “Mysterious Island – Jules Verne

  1. Over 700 pages and you still had a great time. Good stuff!

    If you don’t mind telling me, how does Nemo come into the story? I probably won’t be reading this so I’m not worried about spoilers.

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    1. After the events of 20000 leagues he basically chose the island where him and his crew mates were living under the premise that they would all be dying together. He seceretly helps the new inhabitants every now and then, but where most of the guys think the island is providing its actually Nemo. Stuff happens later on and Nemo makes direct contact with the guys and they go and meet him and basically carry out his last wishes by burying him with the Nautilus.

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      1. Its a pretty decent read. Nemo for all the evil he represented in 20000 leagues more than redeems himself in this one. Actually felt bad for the guy

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      2. If you take league of extraordinary gentleman, he is very prideful of his ship and might come of as a pompous ass very much like in 20000 L. Ive not heard or read a lot more than that where Nemo is concerned. I do like the Nautilus though is a piece of art and i was sad that he ordered the men to sink him with the ship. Or rather just leave him as the island suffered from a volcanic eruption.

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    1. He has some pretty lengthy ones i am sure. I felt like i was being a lecture while at the same time being told a good story which was great. Love how great the sciences were explained in a language i could easily also comprehend. Normaly that stuff would just fly past me


  2. Yay!!! 😀 I love Verne’s books and I’m very very happy you enjoyed this so much!
    There’s actually is a Verne’s book about boys stranded on an island… Titled Three years’ vacation, or something similar 😁

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    1. Hopefully nothing like Lord of the Flies… ive got another Verne on an app some where that i will be goving a read some time. Milou and i did a partner read on the 2000 Leagues one. Long time ago. Dont think you and i were conected then.

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