June 2021 Recap


Well June just about flew away with us… What an eventful month this was. Milou having her birthday on the 22nd and us adopting a street cat of about 1 year old. Oi is doing really great. They say love hurts and I guess him making me bleed speaks volumes… He has become a little bit used to the idea that he now owns two slaves that are there to answer to any of his demands. He has also been spending a lot less time hiding and now openly roams around the flat. I will be trying to get some more foto´s up later in July of our dealings with him.

In the working department things have been kicking off as of last Saterday the Netherlands came out of a half year´s tight lockdown. We can now go to shops and festivals and not worry too much about masks anymore. There are still a few kinks to work out here and there, but so far things are looking good. I also recieved my first vaccination last Saterday so I am happy as I am currently writing this down. My working time at the zoo will be coming to a close on the 25th July and I have managed to keep it steady at the new place where I started middle May. it does feel good to be able to breathe again. My stress levels have recently bein going apeshit just genarally worrying if we were going to make it from month to month but I feel that the worst is over. Things are good for the time being.

Let us take a look at what my blogging looked like in June:


My reading tastes were quite wild this past month. I think I covered nearly every genre I am interested in, shows you how narrow my tastes are doesn’t it? I am happy with the six books I got to finish this month considering the amount working and getting back to the idea of having to go to work I was doing. Most of the books Audible, but I am past the point of caring that I am cheating. I have become so used to Audible that it does not bother me anymore and I do not feel like I am cheatng on my physical books so that is great at least

Vampire StoriesVampire Stories – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Vampire stories was a attempted cash grab from some idiot who thought he could cash in while Twilight was making it’s rounds throughout the world. Luckily for me it did not turn on a screen near me. Some unconventional Vampires in this collection, but Salty seems to have had a good time with it. He did not even rant or attempt to bash holes in inot our walls.

prosperoProspero Burns – Dan Abnett
A book that sent me on full on Salty mode was this one. Why it was included in the Horus Heresy series is anyone’s guess. I am having way more fun with a short story that has more to do with the aftermath of A Thousand Sons than this novel was falsely advertising it would be.

D'ArcD´Arc – Robert Repino
D’Arc was the follow up to Mort(e). A conclusion to Mort(e)’s story I figure and a possible setup to D’Arc’s own adventure. I have no idea if the series is getting another instalment, but will keep a lookout. If you like post apocalyptic novels and animals taking the lead, this series is something you can look into.

Mysterious IslandMysterious Island – Jules Verne
My 5 out of 5 star book for the month. This is a classic novel that I will be sure to take with me if I am anxious that we might get stranded on an uninhabited Island some day. Not just an adventure novel but a book that actually taught me how the love of all things science can help one stay alive, also paired with simple to advanced bushcraft. Yeah I loved this one a lot.

Day ZeroDay Zero – C. Robert Cargill
I had quite the Apocalyptical itch it seems as Day Zero also came around. I still feel that I did not give this review enough credit even though it was another Five strar read. Totally works as a prequel to Sea of Rust, but one does not Need to read this before that novel, it works fine as a stand alone.

Alien infiltratorAliens: Infiltrator – Weston Ochse
An Alien novel that I actually really liked even if the humans were cardboard cut out idiots. Then agian I rarely read an Alien novel where I root for the humans. Ochse did a good job for what he intended. One can see he clearly loves and wants to do the Alien franchise justice.

New Books:

I scored some new Black Library books recently as well as my first painting set for the miniatures I own. While I am eager to start on all books I first have to get through a few others. You can see the newly aqcuired books here and here.

Metal Monday:

My Metal Mondays where themed at the start of the month and then turned into something else as I discovered some new music. I have made peace with the fact that Metal might not be eveyone’s cup of tea, but I still enjoy popping out a post when I can. Thank you to those that take the time to read through and have a listen.

King Buffalo – Burning
Pain – Party in My Head
Health – Anti Life (featuring Chino Moreno)
Health (Featuring Trent Reznor) – Isn’t Everyone

And that was my month in blogging all nice and summed up. What will I be up to in July? I have no idea just yet. I am currently looking into my “What will I be reading list” so I can share that with you tomorrow. Hope everyone has ha great month end and a kick ass July. Till next Time!

9 thoughts on “June 2021 Recap

    1. I think ill be sticking it out at the new place for a while till things go back to normal… i have wounds on top of my wounds🙂. Oi is a lot more approachable at the moment. So tame he sleeps next to us on the bed😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, make sure you use that neosporin (or whatever the equivalent is there 🙂 ).

        And I’m glad that the job situation seems to be a little bit stable for you now. Praying it stays that way.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nicole. No side effects felt so far. Oi is doing great, slept next to me last night without jumping of the bed when i turn or move around 😁


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