July 2021 Reading Plans

Today’s post is a little late but it is up at least. Just a short look into what I have in my sights for reading. July is going to be  busy month for me as I am going to stop working at the zoo round the 25th and then keep working Mondays’s to Friday’s at the new job. I am a bit sad that my contract at the zoo is expiring, but I am also in a frame of mind that is saying that I will be oke. The zoo has been good to me this past three years as a stepping stone since I relocated to The Netherlands in 2018. My Dutch improved by leaps just by having to speak with not only the colleagues, but also the pupblic visiting the park. I have a lot to be thankful for and I guess I just wanted to state that here for no reason… I came to show of my (semi) planned TBR for the month…

Currently Reading:

Age of Darkness 
Continuing the Horus Heresy read along with Jenn. This is book 16 and contains 9 short stories. Jen and I started around the 20th last month and the plan was to read a short a day, easy right? I guess our schedules and life has clashed a bit as we are only on story 5 or 6 so far. I am having more fun with the shorts than what I had with book 15… I hope to be done with this by next week, wishful thinking, I know…

Alien Into Charybdis
I had quite a lot of fun with Aliens: Infiltrator by Weston Ochse, so when I saw that this was on audible for free I downlaoded it too. So far it is oke. Some religiony stuff happening that I find a bit of an odd thing to be in an Alien novel, but I will not let that get in the way of story, unless the auther feels a need to really start to preach to me, then we might have a problem…

I am nearly done with this graphic novel. Not having read the original story that this is based of of, I do not know if it is done any justice at all. This takes place before the original Dune novel so some characters I know and others I know little to nothing about. I am following it easily enough though and I think that it might be a very breviated version of what takes place in the novel. The art in here is not as bad as I thought it would be when I first saw the cover. Do not let that fool you.

Planned Books:

I just had a look at the state of my NetGalley back log and see that I have about 25 books on there that I still need to pick up. The fact that I got two new NG titles from Black Library, mean that I should try make a start with some of them again… Here is what I plan on with a few other books in between…

Requiem Infernal and Dark Harvest are the oldest books on my NG list so I am going to make a start on these. They have been on there since 2019… I am waaaay behind….

Rites of Passage
Rites of Passage has also been on long and if I have time left I’ll get started on this one too. I am a fan of Mike Brooks and very exited for the fact that he has also started writing for Black Library.

Outcast Dead
Also, if there is time left and Jenn is up to it I would like to make a start on book 17 in the HH series. I have this one on Audible so should be easy for me to get through. I will be audio booking quite a few HH books in future as I do not know if it is wise to buy each novel. I would like to own the series in full some day, but shelf space wise at the moment it just aint possible seeing as this series weighs in at 54 books and that is not counting all the smaller novella’s tying into it…

These are the books I hope to be getting through in this busy month of July. I hope you all will have a kick ass month too!



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