Alien: Into Charybdis- Alex White

Alien Into Charybdis
Published: 23 February 2021
Publisher: Titan Books
Pages: 304
Series: Stand Alone
Format Read: Audible
Duration: 13h 13mins


“Shy” Hunt and the tech team from McAllen Integrations thought they’d have an easy job – set up environmental systems for the brand new Hasanova Data Solutions colony, built on the abandoned ruins of a complex known as ‘Charybdis’. There are just two problems: the colony belongs to the Iranian state, so diplomacy is strained at best, and the complex is located above a series of hidden caves that contain deadly secrets. When a bizarre ship lands on a nearby island, one of the workers is attacked by a taloned creature, and trust evaporates between the Iranians and Americans. The McAllen Integrations crew are imprisoned, accused as spies, but manage to send out a distress signal… to the Colonial Marines.


Alex White wrote a different Alien novel I read in 2019 called Cold Forge. I can remember he did a great spin on the Alien Franchise. While Into Charybdis does not tie into that novel. It is worth mentioning that there are at least two novels that have me looking at the Alien Franchise with just a little glimmer of hope that something amazing will come. I do not know what it is, but it feels like that time of the year again where I have an itch for reading some Alien again. After the success of Aliens: Infiltrator by Weston Ochse, I saw Into Charybdis for free on Audible and instantly downlaoded it. I did not set my expectations high, yet they were very satisfied by what I got with this novel.

Into Charybdis started of great. It set up the planet that we were going to have our adventure on. It established nearly all the tropes one can find in any Alien movie. And it added more things like the politics between America and Iran. It added some religion to further the political antics (Christian vs Islam, Muslim? excuse my ignorance, I was confused between the two during the book). He took the Colonial Marines that we all loved so much from the Aliens movie( if you have not seen that by this point, I doubt we can call ourselves friends anymore…) and put a very sinister twist on them. Instead of protecting the innocent, they come to take over the planet as more money has been dished out to them from interested parties after receiving word that there is an Alien threat involved. White also did something very spectacular that I did not see coming, he linked Alien with the Prometheus setting and ended up with a very interesting concept. While I only read about the “Black Goo” from the Infiltrator book and how it can change it’s properties depending on the host, very much like the incubated Facehugger embrio in different living things, it was a breath of fresh air in the direction White took this novel. I would love to elaborate on that aspect, but I would rather have people find out what it was for themselves.

I had a great time with this novel. Alex did a bold move by making me believe that one of the main characters was going to be turned into a discount store Ripley, only to kill her of without even blinking. The attempted escape of the humans to get of the planet when shit hits the fan was action packed. White spared no expence on covering people in Alien acid blood, talking about cocooned colonists, the visuals of imagining a Chestburster having eaten it’s way out of impregnated hosts. Swearing, oh the colorful vocabulary of the Marines. The Aliens were written great and again I was rooting for them more than the wanabe escape artists. I read Alien not for the human side of it but to see the Alien wreak nine kinds of havoc on their asses. I am a bit of a sadist in that way I guess, don’t judge. While some of the stuff happened in this novel there was also an underlying back story to one of the Iranian people that I can only guess at being an event that took place in real life, but I do not have that background knowledge of Iranian history that I could relate to it’s meaning within the novel.

The only thing that Charybdis lacked was a physical Alien Queen, but the creature I got was a great addition to the futhering of the Alien/Black Goo lore. I am very happy with what I had read to me while at work. There was enough Synthetic, Colonial Marine/turned mercenary action. There were great WayYu bits and bobs thrown in the mix. Characters were on the better side of what goes for normal in this setting. One thing that I was not explained though was what an actual Fire Team’s function is. With the upcoming Aliens: Fire Team Elite game that Infiltrator was the prequel too, it was not even desccribed there, so would have been a nice thing to round this novel of, but that is just a minor nitpick on my end of things. Like I said before, Alex White did a great job of mixing one of my favorite genres with the setting that kinda killed the Alien franchise for me and came out with a great novel.

I gave this a 5 out of 5 on GR and will highly recommend it to fans of the Alien setting. There is enough to scratch major Alien nostalgia itches and be happy to give another few bad Alien books a go, like I will be doing… Just saw that Marvel finally released an Alien comic the other day that was instantly added to my long TBR pile…

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  1. I wish they could give Ridley Scott the chance to complete his universe with one more movie before Disney reboots the franchise but I fear it won’t happen… I’m glad to read that this latest novel is actually decent though. Thanks for sharing, man!

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