Metal Monday – Esoteric – Circle

Welcome to this very late Metal Monday. Been a hectic few days and I have taken some time away from writing any posts and reading as I have had some other things taking my concentration away. Today’s song is a long one, it speaks volumes of what is going on in and around my mind at the moment. Esoteric is a band I tend to fall back on just to quiten the noise around around me. Classed as Funeral Doom, becuase the tracks range between the 10 and 20 minute mark paired with very gutteral screams, not my cup of tea really, but I am fascinated by it some how. Today’s song has also been in my head as I have recently finished a Warhammer novel I have no fucking clue what it was about. I’ve decided to give it a re read just to see if I can clear things up. Today’s song is a dedication to that novel. Review will be up by around friday if I can get the time to write it. 



I have a million questions. but no will to ask.
Through chaos. rationale speaks clearly.
Decay sets in amongst the fragments…
Such weight lies within knowledge.
Crippled by thought.

Eyes that see too much lose the will to see.
And the pain that spills from these walls.
Blasts through this withered body.

The circle has begun.
Time is not won.
Losing this battle to remain.

In this place.
I dare not dream.
For awakening the demons that will find me.
Blinded by madness.

Such endless probability.
And I must know every thing and every thought
And I must uncover all answers sought.
For sleep eludes when this frustration taunts.
And drives me to release.
Or travel towards end.

So dead inside.
And all but to live on.
Burning from within.

Maddened eyes.
Filled with boiling blood.
Grow sharper with the pain.
To rest now.
Until we meet again.

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