Metal Monday – Pelican – Ephemeral

Welcome to Metal Monday. Today’s song is quite old but bares a special shout out as it was a band I discovered after my playthrough of Deadspace 3 so many years ago. Pelican is a band that specializes in instrumental music. So no vocals, just good clean ambiance music. Why am I posting it today only you might be wondering and the answer to that is easy. During the last two months of so I acquired all three Deadspace titles for the PS3 and plan on doing one of my Distraction Dinsdag posts soon (just waiting for this month to be over…). Deadspace 3 was recieved in the mail last week Saturday and I finished the first playthrough within 2 sitings the first sitting being over 16 hours long mind…  While I have a lot of love for Deadspace, I can understand all the backlash it got from fans, being the weaker one in the trilogy. I’ll touch down on that during my thoughts on the games at a later stage. For now, just kick back and relax while being taken on a trip by Pelican.

I’d be interested to know if people like insrumental metal. If so, I could maybe share a list of some of my favorite tracks at some stage in one of my posts. Some bands that can be quite harsh to listen to for beginners actually have a few gems where they just shut up and play music. I am all for sharing some of that on here for those interested.

Have a good day and week everyone.

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