Metal Monday – Wolves Scream – Hurricane

Welcome to another Metal Monday. Today’s post is a little bit of a dedication. Wolves Scream is a band that hail from Belgium. Why am I putting spotlight on Belgium today? Well, for those that do not know, Europe has been party to some major floods in the past week. Some places in the Netherlands has also been affected, but it’s been especially hard hitting in Belgium and Germany. Seeing as I tend to feature a lot of metal coming out of Germany I thought I could track down a band that I could try get into,this song hits hard from start to finnish and gives me a very nice Devil Sould his Soul and The Defiled vibes. I hope a few of you can rock out with me today out of solidarity. I know world wide there are countless problems being faced. There is some things that have transpired in my home country of late that I ould like to talk about, but I am going to do it very wrongly and I’ll just refrain from doing so for now. Keep our neighbour countries in your thoughts please. 


Set me free
You see the sinners flowing like me
But fear is no longer part of my soul
We both know that I’m already gone

I go out of my depth but I’m not afraid
You know like me what will happen
Hurricane swept me away

You can take all my pride
But be sure, my life doesn’t deserve its price

Who sow the wind, reap the whirlwind
Even if my life is full of regrets

All those people around me
I can find myself in their eyes
Their faith is stronger than mine
Drowning their mistakes, they’ ll float to the surface

Don’t make the same mistakes
Cause in the end we only regret
The chances we didn’t take

I DREAMT about a better future
I walked on regrets’ seas
I LOST the glory of past days
I go out of my depth but i’m not afraid

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