July 2021 Recap


While July was a pretty busy month for me, I felt that my blog was lagging behind. When I just looked back at my activity I found that had 12 posts go up. Roughly giving me an avarage of 3 posts per week, that is acceptable to me. What happened in my life that kept me away from blogging? Well as I was still working two jobs, at a distribution warehouse during the week and the zoo during the weekends, it got a bit hard to sit down to write and write after the draining week. My contract at the zoo ended last week Sunday and even while I am sad that I am no longer working there, I am happy to report that I now have a contract at the the new job. Starting tomorrow, I am now a permanent employee at the place that helped me out with work when the third or fourth wave of covid hit us and left Milou and I jobless for a few months. Talking about Covid, yesterday I got my second injection and I hope that will be the last I have to worry about getting infected. On top of that, today I stand written down as officially living in The Netherlands for three years. While it might not mean anything to anyone else, having lived here for that long means I can now start my process of further integration into becomming a Dutch citizen. I am really exited about this and I am ready for the next step, Milou and I have been waiting for this moment for a loooong time… Talking about Milou, on the 27th we celebrated the fact that we know one another for 9 years already and we are married for 3 of those years. Amazing stuff hey? I do not know how Milou puts up with me, but she does and the love I have for her can not be put into words.

e0773d0c-c685-4571-ac9c-0f935b3ad970 Too the next uncountable years lieverd!

Getting to what I did here on the blog, let’s have a look shall we?


Seven books covered this month. Not too bad for me to be honest. I covered a lot of genres as well as read a few comics. Among the seven there were also 3 NetGalley books that I was happy to have finished as my TBR on there just never seems to get lower than the 20 book mark…

kill BAxKill Baxter – Charlie Human
While I liked the first book enough to give the second a try, I can’t say a lot about it. It was fine if you can imagine Harry Potter in Cape Town South Africa, which is exactly what this book was being promoted as.

Alien Into Charybdis  Alien: Into Charybdis- Alex White
I got a lot of Alien itches scratched with this novel. One of the main Aliens was quite a great and bold move from Alex’s imagination. This was a good combination of both the Alien as well as the Prometheus franchise that I have not been too positive about.

Dune Dune: House Atreides Vol.1 – Brain Herbert
This comic was a NetGalley score and is based off of the original novel. I do not know how long the comic series goes on for but I enjoyed it enough to feel that I’ll be looking into getting the rest, or even track down the original novel.

alienAlien #1 (2021) – Phillip Kennedy Johnson
The first Marvel Alien comic came out last month. While I am not sold on the art style, the Aliens are nice to look at at least.

Creature!Creature! Shingo Honda
Another NetGalley comic, I enjyed the gore and the Creature art, while the story was a bit lacking, not a lot going on by way of explanation.

Age of DarknessAge of Darkness – Edited by Christain Dunn
The only physical novel I read this month, but what a great read it was. Book 16 in the Horus Heresy serie, most stories dealt with events that felt that it was not yet dealt with in the previous books in the series, but they were all good shorts. Jenn and I were both happy with what we got.

Reverie The Reverie – Peter Fehervari
Another NetGalley novel that I was more than happy to finish. So happy I ended up reading it twice. Although Marketed as a Warhammer Horror novel, it read as any 40K stand alone novel. Still a good read though.

Metal Monday:

Unleashed – WarMachine
Esoteric – Circle
Pelican – Ephemeral
Wolves Scream – Hurricane

And that was my month in blogging. Not a lot happened but a lot of personal stuff took place that took me away. My new job will be from Monday to Friday and I’ll have every weekend free, so I’ll be using those to then catch up on the posts I missed and to work on my own as well.

I hope August will be kind to us all.

16 thoughts on “July 2021 Recap

  1. Congrats on becoming a permanent hire at the new place! Welcome to the Mon-Fri work crowd 😀

    Isn’t it amazing to do a recap post and realize how much you’ve actually blogged? I always feel like I’ve done nothing and then I start listing stuff out in my Roundups and it is like “Oh, I guess I did write a bit” 😀

    Looking forward to see what this next month brings….

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    1. Working on my reading now. Already finished 2 other posts for later this week… i hope i can keep it up. 3 posts a week is real decent for me personally. But yeah, i like the surprise oh, i actaully did some stuff when listing my posts…

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    1. My wife is Dutch and it was an easy move for me as SA is getting worse and worse due to the inept government. I have a better chance of building a future here. The language part came with the territory as it is part of the integration requirements.

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  2. Congrats to you, Dawie, and to both you and Milou – you seem like a great pair together! 😀
    And yeah, that was a pretty good month reading- and blogging-wise, I’d say!

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  3. Wow, it’s been three years already! I know the feeling of excitement. I was on a “probational” permanent resident period for a few years, after which I was able to finally apply for naturalization (citizenship). Is it the same for you? If so, that’s a big deal and congrats! I’m so happy for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its called naturalization here as well. But to get that far you have to have done or gotten the diploma of integration(inburgering) which i completed in the first year of living here. The normal waiting time to get that far is 5 years of living in the Netherlands, but two years were taken off as i am married to a Dutch citizen… thank you for the kind words Mogsy.


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