Reading Plans August 2021

Just a short post to show what you can expect to see reviewed here this coming August. As I will be free on weekends, I´ll be trying to get more page time in, do not see that as a promise though as I know I´ll probably get distracted with other stuff. But these are the books I want to try get through in the coming month:

Currently Ready:

I am not sure how this comic is compiled together, but so far I have a good reference as to where it all started. I love the lore arround the Judges, I cant even remember some of them being clones of a key figure….

As if the Dredd Origins was not enough, I also got this comic that sets up the history of how the Judges came to be. I have to say, I am pretty happy with what I got here, they go well hand in hand together and I like the politics within this one, not that the Origins compilation lacks in that department (pun intended).

Outcast Dead
Book 17 in the Horus Heresy, I am flying through this one but it’s only because I have it on Audible. I am quite close to finishing it, but holding off as Jenn is having a hard time finding time to read. But this is a strong contender for favorite Heresy novel so far. Not that The Thoushand Sons will easily be beaten.

Planned Reads:

As I am close to finishing all three of the above I have an idea to try get some more NetGalley reads in this month. Seeing as I can not seem to get my NG TBR below the 20 book mark (currently lying at 26) and the top two comics of this post being from NG also, I will be looking at some more titles there. Why is my TBR so clogged you might asked and I have a good reasn for this. Originally when Black Library started giving away E ARCs I requested like a maniac. But I never looked at where or in which time frame they were taking place or looked up if they were a second or third in a series, so I kinda shot myself in the foot there. But thanks to the fact that they are all safe and stored on my kindle acc, I do not have pressure to read them as BL puts them up for request. Thus my TBR on there grew a bit chaotic… Well, I am determined to take some more of this list this coming month ( he types as he just received another requested book…).

They look like this:

Dark Judges
Book 3 in the series and I have not read what has gone before so I am probly going to be completely lost, but at least I have Dredd Origins pluss another setup book that I will have fresh in my memory.

Crueler Than the Dead
A zombie manga ( I actually already finished this one but giving it another skim through).

I got this back in 2019 and it is part of Peter Fehervari’s Dark Coil series. As the book before this one was a hit for me I can now finally start on this one, I am exited.

I will probably get stuck again on this one for the rest of the month as I am still not sold on Age of Sigmar. But this book has been on my list for a looooong time. Think it was one of the first I got when I joined NetGalley. It is time I bit down and tried chewing the fat with this one.

The Tankies
Lasty, I never got around to my readthrough of my first ever physical Review Copy that I got some time ago. I would like to get through this as I have just been contacted by the publisher to ask if I am interested in recieving another from them. Would be quite dickish if I kept on saying yes and never reviewed them right?

So there it is. My plans for August. Hope August will treat us all well.

Good day Ya’ll

20 thoughts on “Reading Plans August 2021

      1. I don’t know if you guys had a toilet paper shortage like we did here in the States (we personally didn’t, because I’m prepared), but if it ever happens again, at least that book will get you through it 😀

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      1. 5 star banner material for me as well. 😁. I just want to finish with the Dredd comics and get through the reviews then we can go straight into Corax territory. Will be my first Raven Gaurd novel outing…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have the judging for the SPSFC looming, but I am not really sure how much time that will take up as we’re only reading the first 20% of the first wave of books, but I am totally up for more Heresy of the Horus variety, just let me know when you’re ready to pick it up.

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      3. Will let you know. Its nice and early in the month still so will be happy to pick up another HH. I am hoping to finish this year of with at least the 20th novel(no pressure😅).

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      4. 20 sounds good to me. More if we possibly can, but 20 is a good goal to aim for and be happy with.
        I’m away on holiday next week, but can take DL with me. (I’ll be taking other books just in case)


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