Metal Monday- Opeth – Deliverance

Welcome to another Metal Monday. Today’s song is themed in a way that it coincides with a book I am in the process of starting. I normally do songs like these after I finished a book, but I frgot to mention that this was also on my list for reading plans this coming month, also this song has been playing non stop in my head ever since I finished the 17th novel in the Horus Heresy series. Book 18 is called Deliverance Lost:

Deliverance the song will definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea. There are some harsh vocals in the opening part. Later on we get some softer vocals. The song is just great to me. It bares no actual resemblance to what will be happening in the novel I think, just the fact that the name and song name have the word deliverance in it. The song is also almost 14 minutes long so make sure you have some coffee or tea you can let cool as this starts up… That outro at the end is just glorious.


Floating on mist
Crept up the caverns of my brain
Received no warning
From nothing to a life code
Walk with me, you’ll never leave
Wait to see your spirit free
Tell me how your heart’s in need
As I drown you in the sea
Unwinding snares of distrust
Your wrist in my fast grip
Look me in the eye, I’m clear
This is your time
Face down beneath the waterline
Gazing into the deep
From love to death
In a time span of seconds
Oblivious to regret
Pushed into belief
In liquid cellophane
Gasping for air
Mercy in my eyes
Is the shade of the night
The piercing sounds you make
Soaring higher, higher now
And once left in my wake
Your memory is nothing but the scars on me
All over now
Forgotten why I needed this
Standing down
Disappear into the obscure
Resting days
Waiting for new disease
Biding time
Locked inside insanity
It always burns within
The downward spiral never ends
When driven into sin
Your salvation’s found in a sinner’s deed
The devil guides the way
Tells me what to say
Pours himself inside
And snuffs the final light

Thrown back at me

Laughing at me

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