Incoming Heresy…

Soooo… Not even talking about my long list of TBR books I have waiting on me on NetGalley, I got some physical books in today… Thing is, it was all for free basically hahahaha! How did this happen you might wonder. Well, after my three year trek at the Zoo I worked I got a few parting gifts from colleuges, among these gifts were a few vouchers I could trade in at a lot of places of my choice. My choice was already made up by the time I got home after my “last work day”. I’d like to thank all involved with my parting gifts as well as the little friendship booklet that people took the time to fill in for me. The zoo the last three years was my extended family and even though I was sad to be leaving, I at least went with the knowledge that I always did the best I could and even on days I did not feel up to it, there was always some one to talk to. The other pluss side for me was that Milou also worked there and it made difficult days less bothersome. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Now, on to some books:

Vulcan Lives
Book 26 in the Horus Heresy. Vulkan is the Primarch of the Salamanders, while this title might be a dead give away of a plot point Jenn and I have not even really read about, I am interested in getting to this novel. The Salamanders are a loyalist Chapter that I read extensively about with the Salamanders Omnibus. It is one of the only Chapters I actually know quite a little more about than the rest of all the other Chapters put together. Nick Kyme was also the author of that series so I hope he either built this of off that or the other way around, we will have to see. It will still be a while before Jenn and I get to this though as we are currently making our way through book 18 in the series… Vulkan Lives will only be arriving in September, but I thought I’d just include it with the three books I got today.

Scars is book 28 in HH. As the title hints at, it might have some dealings with the White Scars, another Loyalist Chapter that I have not read a lot about since I started collecting Warhammer books. I am eager to see what they get up too as well as if there will be info drops of how the Chapter conduct themselves. Much like Vulkan Lives, it’ll be a while before I get to this one.

Legacies of betrayal
Moving even further into HH, Legacies of Betrayal is book 31 in the series. Evidently a short story collection. So far the short stories have entertained both Jenn and I and I hope it will continue to do so.

War without end
And then lastly, book 33 in the series. It irks me that in between 31 and 33, there is only one novel, why so many shorts in such a short time? Did Black Library not have any books to keep the people busy with at the time or what? I hope that it will be good stories. I am a bit worried, but oh well, it was free and also weighs in at a hefty 500 pages (Legacies of Betrayal is about 50 page shorter), so it is quite chunky. All three of these books are thick buggers.

So these are some books you can look forward to hearing of, probably only next year by the looks of how slow I am reading at this point in time, I am quite disappointed in myself for not going to be making my reading plan goals, but oh well, that is life. At least I now have some more shelf space being used and I am quite happy with my Horus Heresy collection. There could also be the question of why I missed books in between with this order and to clear that up for those interested, I either have the physicals already in or they were not yet obtainable. The site I use over here to get these books in does not always have consistant pricing, or does not stock them. Some books I also try get through Audible if that is the case, so far I have only Audibled 2 of the last 18 books which I am pretty happy with. If anyone is interested to see how my Heresy shelf looks at the moment, let me know in the coments and I’ll write a post on it some time and take a picture of it. Also, on the pluss side, I believe I’l have another post up tomorrow and Friday, making it my first ever 5 day posting streak, I am on a roll and proud of that!

Have a great day.

6 thoughts on “Incoming Heresy…

  1. I’ll have to be buying some more books soon, we’re getting towards the end of my current collection! Hopefully, none of them will be tricky to get.

    Sad to hear that your finishing at the zoo though, I’ll certainly miss seeing the pictures of the animals.

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    1. I ordered fear to tread last night of off ebay, coming through from the uk… its in that special print i am trying to get all the books in the 40K legends series… milou still works at the zoo so ill make occasional rounds there on weekends.


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