Big Hero 6 Vol. 1 – Hong Gyun An

big hero six
Published: 24 August 2021
Publisher: Yen Press, JY
Pages: 192
Series: Big Hero 6: The Series Vol. 1
Format Read: Netgalley Shelf App


The gang is back in an all-new adventure! Join Hiro, Baymax, Go Go, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred as they fight to protect the streets of San Fransokyo. Based off of the animated Disney feature film, the comic will tie in with the animated TV show.


While I watched the movie when Milou was still just my fianceé, we enjoyed it quite a lot even though Disney and Pixar has an evil ability to make her piss through her eyes… Forward a few years and I saw this available for request on NetGalley. A deal was made and Milou and I sat down to partner read this one as we loved Baymax enough to learn what happens after the movie. The thing with manga’s and tie are sometimes that it either hits or misses it’s mark completely, in my case I can safely say, this was an OKé read. Hiro goes to the universaty that his brother enrolled in as well as where his new found friends are all hanging out. Hiro also has to do side line Heroing as he basically put a team together in the movie to help stamp out crime. Hiro, still being a kid though has to deal with life as a student and I think things were handled fairly well. The comic consisted out of three stories that meshed with one another and the only complaint I see many have are that the last one should have come first as it feels like Hiro was still dealing with the death of his brother and getting Baymax’s final design built up from scratch. Each story had some form of lesson that was learned either while at school or as a revelation during a fight scene with a villian that would see the villian beaten by a means of executing the theory of that lesson it worked out fine. The art work was fine and Milou and I had a decent time going through this. There were a few chuckles here and there.

I gave Big Hero 6 a three out of 5. It is interesting to note that this is apparently based of off TV series, that I am still to discover. I guess the first place to go looking for will be Disney pluss. I can recommend this to like minded people that enjoyed the movie and are interested to see more of Hiro, Baymax and friends and follow their adventures. If volume 2 is up for grabs on NG I’ll be sure to request that too. I would like to thank NetGalley for giving me the go ahead to read the advanced copy.

Have a good day everyone! Balallalallaa!

10 thoughts on “Big Hero 6 Vol. 1 – Hong Gyun An

      1. Absolutely capsule works for me. I was looking and my average word count for my own posts is just under 600 words 😀

        Yeah, I’d be interested to know what this tv show is about.

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  1. I loved the Big Hero 6 movie, and went and tracked down the comics that came before the movie. I really liked them, though they were a lot more adult in tone than the movie! Now you have me curious about the TV show (which I hadn’t heard of before)…

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