August 2021 Recap

It is extremely difficult to understand just how quick this month has flown by. August started and then just fucked off all of a sudden. While I am somewhat still falling around at the new place where I work in the sence of where I exactly fit in, I have found it quite a weird experience to be working only during the week. I am still enjoying it and it is not too taxing on the stress levels. I enjoy it so much that I did not even notice that the people locked me inside and all left for home last Friday without thinking twice if I had keys myself, funny story, I did not hahahaha!

 August blog wise was oké by my standards. I reached a five day post streak for the first time in the 4 to 5 years I have been blogging. I read quit a few good books, one or two were debatable drak, but still made for some good laughs as I looked through the comments. I skipped Metal monday once last week as I just did not have the time to sit down and post something. August got so busy that I did not reach all my Reading plan goals. while I managed to take three books of of the NetGalley shelf, I still have a lot to get too. 

Let´s have a look at what I had going on this month:

Crueler Than the DeadCrueler Than Dead Vol.1 – Tsukasa Saimura

This was a manga of a woman and a kid that wake up, seemingly having been cured of the flesh eating disease known in other cultures as being a zombie. Premise wise it had a good thing going, but the execution felt a bit of and the fact that halfway through the story it takes on a point of view from some one that had no bearing on the first part just did not make me feel too interested in following up this series.

DreadnaughtsDreadnoughts: Breaking Ground – Michael Carroll

August was a Judge Dredd month for me, NetGalley thought it fit to release three seperate comics set in that world. While this comic is new, it takes place in the past, before Dredd was even a thing. I enjoyed it.

Outcast DeadThe Outcast Dead – Graham McNeill

Book 17 in the Horus Heresy was a bit of an odball, but an enjoyable one at that. Traitor Space Marines on Terra, prison breaking and making the Golden boys look like idiots, paired with a main character that that just oozed condecention and wit made for a fun read. 

MArtian The Martain – Andy Weir

A very good and light hearted read even for a “hard sci/fi”. Lots of giggles to be had as well as oh shit moments. This and Outcast Dead were my favorite pics for the month. 

DreadEssential Judge Dredd: Origins- John Wagner

The story within a story that was told by the big man himself around a camp fire out on a steakout. I enjoyed this a lot and it scratched that Dredd itch that I have been having for a while.

dark is the sunDark is the Sun – Phillip José Farmer

I am going to have to take Salty’s word for it that this was a weird one, even by his standards, him being a Dwarf and all… Good premise, bad execution or a fever dream concoted after inhaling too much of your own farts? Who knows?

big hero sixBig Hero 6 Vol. 1 – Hong Gyun An

A partner read with Milou, it was fun and we will probably read Vol.2 if Netgalley features it. Disney has two seasons available to watch and this comic is said to be directly tied to that, so if you watch the series you will probably not have to read this. If you do though, it was enjoyable and a perfect way to end the month off.

Metal Monday:

Slipknot – Till We Die
Opeth – Deliverance
 David Bowie – Space Oddity

New Books:

I got some new Horus Heresy books in curtesy of my going away present from finishing at the zoo. Another one dropped on Saterday and there will be a short post about that later this week.

And that was my month in blogging. Not a lot, but by my standards it was a good month. September will be a little bit more sporadic as we have a few things going on that i will divulge more about in a later post. Probably tomorrow, we will see. 

Hope September will treat us all well. Have a good one folks!

7 thoughts on “August 2021 Recap

    1. Hahahaha. Nah there wont be a post about that scenario, i phoned the people that left so some one could open for me.

      September will be starting with a week holiday that i will be putting in my reading plans post for tomorrow.

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  1. Yes, you are right about August flying by; when one is keeping busy time can do that. I’m glad that you are enjoying your new job.

    That was interesting to read that you enjoyed “The Martian.” I haven’t read it myself because I heard it was hard sci fi and I generally like mine a bit softer though my husbaned and I did both enjoy the movie. I might have to pick it up sometime from the library.

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    1. It has some mathematical schemes in it, but watney, talks through it like its easy to understand. Do not be too put of by that tag on the novel. Its a quite light hearted read. Thanks for stopping by Ann

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