Reading Plans September 2021

This is going to be a very short post as I have not a lot of new books that will be added. Even looking at how horribly my reading plans failed last month I will be continuing with most on that list. September is also the start of the Magical Readathon, it was designed and is hosted by one of the booktubers Milou follows and that I normally end up watching too, as G has similiar tastes with certian books from time to time. While thinking about what character and all that stuff I want to be, I have not had the time to read through all prompts, but Milou has already helped me pick out a few things. I will try make a seperate post on that later in September. For now as an example you can go check out Milou’s post on it. I really like how much effort G has put into it all. Not many of you might know it, but a few years ago, I also took part in a Harry Potter themed one and had to sit for my NEWTS and all that.

For this post I’ll only show which books I will be attempting to finish this comming month:

Currently Reading:

Book 18 in the ongoing Horus Heresy series. It has taken me way to long to get to where I am still under the 200 page mark, but I have been enjoying the journey so far. A possible 4 too 5 star read on the horison. I will also be using DL for one of the Magical Readathon prompts.

I am a fan of Clive Barker’s work, yet never gotten as far with all his work. Milou had a 2 for one Audible deal and this was an option, I do not know if I will be able to follow, but early on I found out the guy reading this to me is the same one that sat with me through each of the Lightbringer books, so I know he will do a good job of telling me a story.  This book is about 22 hours long so we will see how much I remember by the end.

This book is said to follow on where The Reverie ended, albeit it does not directly take place after that book. The Dark Coil series of books can be read as stand alone novels, but they are also interlinked with one another in some way. In one of the authors own posts, he put down the order he felt should be read and lucky for me Reverie is still quite fresh in my mind. I will also be using for the second prompt of the readathon.

Planned books:

Now, instead of setting myself up for failure, I do not want to put too much pressure on myself. I have two books I really want to get too and one I’ll look at if there is enough time left. Milou and I will be on holiday for the week of 6 September till the 12th. I cannot gaurentee that I will be doing much reading or blogging then, so do not be alarmed if you do not hear from me for the second week of September…

Book 19 in the Horus Heresy, I think the reasoning behind this speaks for itself. If not, i am doing the HH readalong with Jenn, she has said that she’d like to get through another one in September and I would gladly attempt to make that wish come true. My Deliverance Lost and Know No Fear are both books that I have in the Warhammer 40K Legends Collection and I am eager to show of the artwork contained in these books. I am Hopeful that this will not be such a let down as the previous Abnett book in this series…

Dark Judges
This comic is carried over from last month’s planned reads. I still need to start it up.

The Tankies
Tankies is pretty much the same story as I also could not get to this last month.

And there we have possible reviews to look forward too in the coming month of September. Probably not a lot of activity in the second week of this month, but I hope I can come back with a bang. I could maybe ask old Salty if he’d like to try read a book in my stead. We will see.

HAve a good month everyone.

13 thoughts on “Reading Plans September 2021

    1. Ive read a few novels of him before the blog, Great and secret show was great, but do not think you would like that. Cabal was great but had some weird sex scene in it. His Aberat series so far was good if you want some twisted kids book, milou and i have been waiting ages for the fourth and fith book to appear, but think clice has given up the ghost for that

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      1. Hellraiser is unknown to me. The movies are a little graphic by what little bits i have seen… will look into it when i have time. He wrote the scripts, but some of his work changed from all the dark themes at some point. He touches down on that lightly in the foreword of weaveworld.

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      2. Yeah, Hellraiser is not what I’d normally watch or even think about, but I watched the first one and it just hooked me.

        I’ve got so much on my tbr though that it just hasn’t been a high priority tracking down if the movies were based on any books by Barker or were just his idea. Some day maybe I will 😀

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