Blessed be the Omnissiah!

Soooo…. A few weeks ago I posted about four books that swelled my personal Black Library and today I have another to add to that pile…. Behold!

Fear to Tread
Fear to tread is book 21 in the ongoing Horus Heresy series. It will be featuring the Blood Angels that I have not read anything about in my long trek through Black Library titles. I got this copy through Ebay and even though it cost a fuck lot more than I would have payed for this hardback were I living in the UK or SA, I am still glad I got it. I now own 1 more book in the Warhammer 40K Legends collection. I think I now sit at around 30 of the 100 in this series. I can only hope that I may one day own a completed set. I know I keep mentioning this but I have never really shown the extent or goal I am trying to work towards, so I figured I could give you all a visualization:
40k collection

While this picture does not seem to be complete, I could find no one on google with it going all the way up to 100. Originally it was going to stop at 80, but Hachette Partworks decided to round it off at 100.
How does my collection look so far? I would love to show it off, but it does not compare to nearly as good looking as this collection above. I have not even completed one individual person yet, I am close though! The reason I look out for these hard backs is because they also include some amazing artwork. Art work that push my used gig space on WP up by two percent evey time I do a review of one of them. I am currently on Deliverance lost that you can look forward to hearing about and then I still have two more in this print.

I will show my collection after I finished those two as they are currently not in the same shelf as the rest of the collection and to take them out now is going to take a bit long to rearange.

Thank you for taking the time to sit through this one.

17 thoughts on “Blessed be the Omnissiah!

  1. If you want to keep using high quality pix, I’d highly recommend using dropbox. You can host the pictures there and just embed the link. You get a couple of free gigs when you join their initial free plan.
    I wrote a post about it earlier this year or last. I use it for all those Roundup&Rambling pix of the collage of the books. And for the manga pix 🙂

    Congrats on picking up another cool looking book! 😀

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  2. Another one down! Fantastic! It’s a pretty intense story, too, looking forward to your thoughts! How are you finding Deliverance Lost? I remember being pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it!

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