Reading Plans November 2021

Short post today… In keeping with what I said yesterday with Halloween themed Metal, I am also doing a few Horror reads this month. Purely because I skipped October. Here is what I have in mind:

Currently Reading:

What is said to be Fehervari’s third book in his Dark Coil series. This novel has been on my NetGalley backlog the longest (oke Hamilcar is still up there, but I’ll be giving Age of Sigmar a chance next year) and therefore I decided to go with it. That and the fact that the first Fehevari novel I read, The Reverie, this novel got bumped up to higher priority. I am about 45% into the novel and things are going real slow. I am hoping that there is a punchline on the horizon as the book so far has been a bit of a drag. Not bad, just real slow going. Will see how it pans out. Lost of nightmares and distorted time things happening and something sinister brooding at a Battle Sisters monastary.

Weaveworld I started last month and I still got around eight hours left on the audio book. Its definitely a Barker novel, weird, blunt, grotesque and I am having quite a trip with it. In many cases this feels like it could fit right in there with his Aberat series as some of the creatures that feature make me think back a lot to that series. I’d say it is very much the adult version of Aberat. It is also read by the guy that sat with me through the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks, so I at least have a familiar voice joining me on the journey.

Planned Reads:

Milou and I have the Marvel Unlimited App on our phones and Alien has a series that they are showcasing, while I was not too hyped after the first book, I do want to see if the Aliens at least kill everyone. I think I’ll be doing a review of the whole series once I am done and just give an overal impression of it. 

Fear to Tread
Fear to Tread is book 19 in the Horus Heresy series. Jenn and I just need to decide on when we will start. We are both hoping that we can at least finish the 20th novel before year end if that is even possible. Fear to Tread’s blurp reads like I will be making contact with the Blood Angels for the first time so I am exited for that. I have this novel in my Warhammer 40K Legends Collection so you can expect a lot of pictures again.

If there is time left I would like to also read book two in the Genevieve series. As far as I know they are all stand alone novels and I had a fun time with the first novel. Interesting thing about this is that Newman also wrote another series with a main Vampire with the same name and I am intrigued to one day find out if she crossed over from Old World Warhammer into her own alternative history series. The series was called Anno Dracula. I am amped to get into Old World again.

Should I be lucky enough to get through all the above mentioned books I would like to try out another King novel. That and the fact that I desperately need to start reading books that I have on my shelf in order to make space (quite a big Incoming haul to arrive on the blog at some point…). I know nothing of this novel apart from what it states on the front of the book.

There we have it, quite a lot of books to get through this month, I hope I did not shoot myself in the foot… We will have to see.

Till next time! 






11 thoughts on “Reading Plans November 2021

  1. Is it Fear to Tread or Know no Fear?
    I’m confused, these titles are too similar!
    Getting this right could make or break out HH experience!?

    Either way, looking forward to reading with you again and seeing your reviews on here. You’ve been missed.

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    1. Oh shit you are right, its know no fear first then this one🙈. Ill have to edit my post when im done working… thanks for putting me on the right track again.


  2. I’ve never read Misery but if I were to go back to classic King, that would probably be it. Looking forward to what you think of it, whenever you get around to it 😀

    Happy reading….

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  3. Know No Fear, while it’s another Abnett book, is amazing. Makes you really love the Ultramarines, and you see how tactically amazing Guilliman is! I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts, anyway, given how Prospero Burns went 😀

    I’m a big Fehevari fan, though I’ve not read that one yet. I’m currently reading through some of his short stories, which have been a bit of a pain to track down! But I love the idea behind the Dark Coil, and so far it’s a lot of fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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